Planning – All Washi Tape Challenge

Hi, everyone! Today, I’m going to try the All Washi Tape Challenge in my planner. There are a lot of planner videos going around where people set up the next week’s pages with only washi. I’ve seen some people use stickers or add in doodles, even though I think that kind of defeats the purpose of the challenge. So, other than writing down actual plans in my planner, I’m going to only use washi this week.

Washi tape started in Japan as a kind of tape made with rice paper. One side is sticky, but it’s reusable. The other six may be decorated, have a solid color, or even be clear. Since it is made of rice paper, you can also write on washi. These qualities make washi tape perfect for journaling, arts, and crafts. I bought some cheap washi online once that turned out to just be cheap tape with random decorations. It doesn’t even work well as tape, so be forewarned and read reviews before you buy washi online.

For this challenge, I don’t need many tools. I have my MAMBI Happy Planner, washi, my¬†favorite purple Pilot G-2 pen to write in my planner, scissors to cut shapes in the washi, and my Bat Ruler for cutting strips of washi.

First, I’m going to pick a theme. This way, I can pull out just the washi that I need and push the others to the side. I want to use up some of that crappy tape I mentioned earlier, so I pulled out the green horse tapes. Then, I pulled out greens and blues from the rest of the washi. Matching the theme like this just makes the planner look a bit more pulled together than using random patterns and colors. I’ve made that mistake before, and even though it’s not a huge deal, it is a daily reminder to pick themes in future planning endeavors.

Now that I have my washi picked out, I’m going to start blocking off boxes, just to add decoration. A lot of planners like to decorate entire boxes just for looks. Because I rely so heavily on the info in my planner to get me through my daily life, I try to add decorations as an accent instead. I decided to start with the horse tape since this is a good way to use a lot of tape. Some weeks have great quotes at the bottom of the page, it this week just has a flower. I didn’t want to cover up the pretty flower, so I just cut strips of tape to place around the flower. This tape can be repositioned like washi, but also comes off easily, so I’m going to layer this stuff. I took my pages out to make taping around the sides easier. (One of the many benefits of using the Big Happy Planner is being able to easily remove and insert pages!) I’m extending two of the middle lines out into the Notes section to divide that section up too.

The next thing I need to do is separate out specific events. I always mark the days that we have the kids overnight and any birthday parties, lunches , or events we have on the calendar. To indicate when we have the kids, I’m using a line of washi (purchased on clearance at Michaels) with a couple of points at the end. I thought the green and brown pattern had a kind of modern Western look that would blend well with the horses, while also pointing out the Kids Days. I cut out a smaller piece of washi (this came with the washi I used on the Kids Days line), folded it in half with the patterned sides touching, and cut a point. When I open up the tape, there is one point at each end. After snipping the washi in half, I have two points that fit perfectly on the end of the washi line to make a little bracket for Kids Days.

Using a similar method, I’m placing a banner on the weekend. The skinny washi (1/4 in, got a whole set for cheap on Amazon) bends well to form a banner string. Taking a piece of patterned washi and repeatedly cutting the ends into triangles gives me flags for my banner. I’ve seen this method on a few vlogs and thought it looked complicated, but three minutes after placing the banner string, my flags were on the page. Easy Peasy!

I tend to use the Notes area for habit tracking with stickers. Since this is a washi only week, I’m making my own checkboxes with washi. I could also write out everything, but I think the washi will look a little snazzier. I know that I want four trackers this week. I want at least one blank line between my trackers to make things look cleaner. Luckily, the horseshoe tape is spaced just far enough apart to allow me to use the top two areas of Notes for my trackers. Laying down the thin washi one light at a time, I use my BatRuler to cut apart the washi. My favorite purple pen is perfect for writing in the trackers’ names and the days of the week. Each time I do one of the things on the tracker, I’ll black out the day with a pen or sticker!

Typically, I don’t use any other borders and would add decorative stickers at this point. Since I’m sticking to washi, I think I’ll just add some line embellishments to make the most of this washi opportunity. Et voila! C’est si bon! The journal is now ready for me to write down appointments and whatnot. Normally, I’d already have a ton of things written down before I even started decorating. It worked out well that this particular week is the one I’m using for this challenge.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments what you think! Be sure to visit the links in this post for some great info and fun vlogs from people who are way more experienced at this than me ūüėĀ


Watercolors – Swatching Koi Water Colors

Until recently, I had only used Crayola watercolors. I mean, you know, they work, but not if you want to try to learn to do something other than paint a picture of a house and a tree for your mom. I have some watercolors that I got from an old job after they switched to digital mapping instead of handrawn maps. I tested a couple of colors and didn’t want to waste my fancy paints on another picture of my cat with hearts and stars in the background. When I saw Lhey and others online using watercolors in their journals, I thought, “This could be the way I use my fancy paints!” I didn’t want to start with them, though. So, I used a coupon at Michaels to buy a palette of Sakura Koi Water Colors (Pocket Field Sketch Box).

After over a month of journaling with watercolors, I’ve made some progress.

I like the crinkly paper in my journals, but I have problems recreating the effects I see on tutorials online. I have a hard time following directions, and all of the beginning watercolor tutorials say to swatch your colors and to use watercolor paper. I have some Canson Watercolor Paper (cold press, 4×6, 140 lb) left from a collage project that a group of my friends and I did as a birthday gift 10 years ago. It happens to be the perfect size to swatch the watercolor set. I gave it a try.

The results are so much better than I expected! The colors went on easier and were much easier to manipulate on this paper than random notebook paper. This must be why everyone working with watercolors has the same tips.

I also found a great series of watercolor how-tos from The Witty Gritty Paper Co. I did the first transparency exercise and was surprised at how well it looks. There should have been more of a difference between 1 & 2 and 3 & 4, but I still don’t think it came out looking too bad. I really have a problem with staying in the lines, both in art and in life. So, I clearly need to work on that (in art only!)

Well, that was my adventure in swatching my Koi watercolors. As you can see, I am still very much a watercolor Noob, but I hope to improve so that I can look back on this post in a couple of years and say, “Ah, the innocence of no experience and cheap materials. I remember those days of yore with much fondness.” (I may or may not have been watching a bunch of period pieces about Frankenstein and alienists lately.). Thanks for reading and starting this voyage with me!

Random Saturday‚Äôs – Journaling

Over the past couple of months, I’ve really gotten into journaling and planners. I found creative forms of bullet journaling on Pinterest a couple years back, but ended up really only tracking tv shows that I was watching.¬† That made me sad because I like to think that my life is made of more than work and tv (it’s not). I got into lettering last year, but didn’t make much time to really practice it right away. Sometime around last summer, I figured out how to practice lettering on my iPad so that I wouldn’t have to use paper. I tried to work on journaling as a way to practice lettering on paper, but it just took on much time. I want to do so many things, but have no time or energy!

That’s my big problem – everything takes time and energy…and money.

I’m sure most people feel this way, though. I started watching YouTube videos by Mommy Lhey on accident. She had a family, but also managed to do journaling, planning, watercolor painting, logging, and so much more. Plus, she seemed to be at least part Filipino. I never see people like me on tv or movies. So, imagine my surprise at finding this woman who worked on projects of interest to me and drew pictures of people who looked like me (and people of other ethnicities too)!

This opened a whole new world of creativity and organization to me. Blending so many interests of mine led me to join Facebook groups, find Etsy stores, talk to strangers at craft stores, and reignite a general feeling of ME-ness that has been missing for so long. Even before I got married, I was in a creative rut and couldn’t find anything that really excited me. After getting married and having the added pressure of craziness as a corporate peon, I though creativity was a thing of the past. It made me sad, which made me feel useless, which made me sad, which made me feel useless, and so on and so forth.

This week’s journal layout makes me happy! This week’s journal layout makes me happy!

In the past month, I’ve worked on lettering on my iPad and on paper, did some wine & painting events with good friends, started creative planning in a beautiful journal, and have already completed my first artistic journaling notebook. I also enrolled in a Skillcrush career blueprint that will hopefully help me make some money as a side hustle on art and web design/programming/anything while my day job helps keep this roof over my family’s head. I’m feeling better about myself and my life, and I hope my family has felt the effects too. It’s so nice to have a creative outlet again that helps relieve stress and connect me to other people in the world who have the same interests.


Random Saturdays – Selfies

Ah, The Selfie.¬† I hate pictures of myself, so I don’t take many of these.¬† Friends and family want to take them sometimes, so I take them.¬† I don’t have a selfie stick, even though my kids have had quite a few.¬† Ben, luckily, shares this sentiment with me.¬† That is probably why we’re so bad at taking selfies.¬† I have started trying to take selfies with my husband at certain events to try to remember that we do things together and even enjoy it from time to time.¬† It hasn’t been a very successful endeavor.

Here’s one that we took on vacation in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Not so bad, right?¬† I mean, not the best, but I’m not a professional selfie taker/teenager.¬† My arms are short, so I’m very limited as to what I can get in the picture, but hey, our faces are 90% in the frame and we’re almost smiling.

Here’s one from when we went to see One Republic.

Hey!¬† We’re both smiling!¬† You can’t see our faces, but you can see our teeth and some terrible bright lights in the background.¬† It looked much better in person and this was the best out of three pictures.¬† Again, my tiny t-rex arms cropped out parts of our faces, but at least we’re smiling.

We went to see Imagine Dragons and had seats by the second stage.  I wanted to get a picture of us with the band right behind us.  So, I waited and waited and waited.  Finally, the moment came!

This was the third attempt.¬† The first attempt was just our faces in complete dark.¬† How did I manage that when there was so much light around?¬† Talent.¬† So, I said, “Okay, let’s try one last time,” and Ben said, “Okay, hurry, we’re in people’s way.”¬† You can see how well I perform under photographic pressure.

Finally, I said, okay, let’s try a regular picture with the band up front.¬† Ben rolled his eyes, but humored me, while also repeating his “We’re in people’s way” line.

Nailed it!¬† He looks like Jesus is coming down from the heavens to bestow a crown of light upon his head as he tells me that we’re in the way.¬† I am clearly not listening, and we’re both distracted by something in the complete opposite direction of the iPhone.

While some people take beautiful iPhone pics like this, I will probably keep my day job so that I can afford to go to more concerts where I get in people’s ways so that I can take bad selfies.


Random Saturdays – Is Country Music Sadder Than Rock Music?

Malcolm Gladwell did a podcast on Bobby Braddock, the man behind some of the saddest country songs of all time. ¬†Mr. Gladwell’s interpretation of American pop/rock music charts versus country music was interesting to me. ¬†He’s Canadian and I’m from Texas. ¬†I’m not a fan of much newer country music. ¬†I listened to alot of popular country music in the 90s because I was in Texas and my friends’ families all listened to it. ¬†Before that, I had only listened to older country music from people who weren’t from the suburbs. ¬†My favorite country songs, just like my favorite rock, jazz, pop, blues, rap, R&B, hip hop, classical, etc. have one of two things in common – they are either so sad that you want to throw your heart on the ground and hit it with a sledgehammer or they are so happy that your heart feels like it will burst with joy.

Anything in between is not good enough to be a favorite for me.

Since I listened to that podcast, I can’t quit thinking about Mr. Gladwell’s comments on “Wild Horses” by the Rolling Stones. ¬†I like the Rolling Stones’s version and, yes, the lyrics are not quite as sad as “From Boulder to Birmingham” by Emmylou Harris, to which Mr. Gladwell compared it. ¬†They’re both connected since Gram Parsons apparently wrote “Wild Horses” and his death inspired “From Boulder to Birmingham”. ¬†However, part of the sadness and heartache emoted in a song is in the music itself – the melody, the specific notes, the key of the song. ¬†While I think “From Boulder to Birmingham” is pretty heart-breaking, The Sundays‘s version of “Wild Horses” saddens a deeper part of me. ¬†Something about the fragility in Harriet Wheeler‘s voice shatters my heart. ¬†“From Boulder to Birmingham” is a finely-tuned piece of music, but The Sundays’s “Wild Horses” is something you sing to yourself while rocking back and forth and weeping in a corner.

While we’re on the topic of cover songs, we should talk about “Hurt“. ¬†Nine Inch Nails put out this song while I was in one of the deepest parts of my depression and it helped me. ¬†It made me feel a little less alone, like Trent Reznor understood what I was feeling. ¬†If Trent Reznor could feel that way, then maybe I wasn’t quite as alone in the world as I felt. ¬†When I first heard that Johnny Cash was doing a cover of the song, I felt the same way that Trent Reznor says he felt. ¬†The song just didn’t seem to fit. ¬†Johnny Cash is a country music legend, but Nine Inch Nails was filed under “Industrial Rock“. ¬†It just seemed so weird. ¬†Then, Johnny Cash’s version of “Hurt” was released. ¬†If the song itself wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, then the video would certainly make up for it. ¬†Whereas the Nine Inch Nails song moved me because of how I felt, Johnny Cash’s version moved me because of how he felt. ¬†We all know Johnny Cash’s story. ¬†We know his pain is real and he feels every word he sings, every chord he strums. ¬†You can see this clearly in the faces of Johnny and June in the video. ¬†There is no acting here, just memory.

I really don’t think that country music has more power to make me cry than rock music. ¬†Although, I have been moved to tears by many songs in both genres. ¬†For me, it’s more of the combo of lyrics, music, and personality that determine whether a song makes me cry. ¬†I know some people who feel the same as I do. ¬†I also know people who would agree with Malcolm Gladwell. ¬†There are also those who have never been moved by music in that way. ¬†I’m just sad for them because there’s a certain magic about being moved so deeply by a song that you cannot hold back your tears. ¬†It’s cathartic and also makes you feel connected to the world around you in a very unique way.

With that, I leave you with one more beautifully sad song. ¬†It’s from one of my favorite artists, Sara Bareilles. ¬†She was supposed to repeat the chorus to the end of the song, but was crying so hard while recording in the studio that she could no longer sing. ¬†If you love NYC the way I do, then you may find yourself tearing up at her broken-hearted sacrifice along with me.


Random Saturdays – Super Easy Ways to Unclog a Kitchen Sink

Here are easy ways to unclog a drain without spending hundreds of dollars on a plumber:

  1. Pour a cup of baking soda down the clogged drain. Pour a cup of vinegar down the clogged drain. Pour a giant pot of boiling water down the drain. Use a plunger on the drain and/or turn on the garbage disposal. 
  2. Pour a container or two of Green Gobbler down the clogged drain.  Wait 30 minutes. Pour a giant pot of boiling water down the drain. Use a plunger on the drain and/or turn on the garbage disposal. Repeat as needed, leaving the Green Gobbler in the drain overnight, if needed.
  3. Any of these are worth a try too.

The real difficult part of this is that your clogs or drains might not match any other clogs or drains that you see online.   I was going to type up my entire adventure in plumbing from the last 24 hours, but I’m too tired. The main thing is that letting Green Gobbler and baking soda/vinegar stand in our drains overnight got the garbage disposal clear. Pouring a boiling pot of water down the non-disposal drain cleared out the rest. I was so scared of the amount of water that I was adding to the clog that I only poured 2 cups – 1 liter of hot water down our pipes each time. Each time, it took 12 hours to drain that little bit of added water before eventually stopping, which probably meant that the water was just evaporating.  I finally watched these two videos and combined their methods. 

Oh, and before anyone asks why I didn’t get my husband to do it, 1) I’m perfectly capable of pouring powder and water down the sink and 2) he tried and nearly vomited into our clogged sinks.  So, women rock. Saving money rocks.  Being environmentally friendly rocks.  Unclogging a sink by yourself rocks.


Stuff People Say – Tall Flat White

Me —¬†Hello! ¬†Could I please have a tall flat white with nonfat milk?

We finish ordering and paying.

Barista —¬†Nonfat tall flat white. ¬†Try saying that three times fast!

Ben — Normally, they’re called supermodels.


Twin Self – Part 2

Names are called in pairs and, in pairs, people cross aisles and gather in a group beneath a spotlight towards the back of the room. ¬†I can’t decide if they should be celebrated or condemned. ¬†They are all young, teenagers or college-aged. ¬†Now that I can see their faces clearly, I notice that some of the smiles are just for show, that not everyone is as excited as they seemed to be in the dark room. ¬†Some of the pairs aren’t as identical as I originally, thought either. ¬†There are pairs of identical guys and identical girls, but there are also pairs that look like male and female versions of each other. ¬†None of them look truly unique, though. ¬†Looking through the faces in the crowd around me, I see the same pattern – similar faces, but no special little snowflakes.

I lose track of how many names are called when the voice from nowhere says, “Thank you for your participation. ¬†Those are all of the students we have chosen today.” ¬†The crowd claps as the group beneath the spotlight trails out of the room. ¬†Eventually, the clapping dies down and the lights turn on again. ¬†People start to rise from their seats and head out of the auditorium.

I look at Shelly and Winston. ¬†“Safe for another day, ” says Winston with a shrug. ¬†I follow Winston and Shelly out of the auditorium. ¬†In the hallway, I trip on something and run into some people.

“Sorry, ‘scuse me,” I say, looking down to see what tripped me. ¬†There was nothing, of course, just my own two feet.

“There she goes again,” murmurs Shelly. ¬†I get a little annoyed by that remark. ¬†It’s not like I’m clumsy on purpose. ¬†Then, I notice that she’s staring at the back of someone’s head, someone who has the same build as me, but with straight hair highlighted by shades of pinks and purples. ¬†I realize that I just missed my twin again.

“Do you wanna go after her?” Winston asks.

“No. ¬†I’d never catch up.”

“True,” say Shelly and Winston together. ¬†I follow them back to the dorms.

“Have either of you met your twins?” I ask.

“Yeah,” they reply in unison. ¬†Shelly starts talking about her twin. ¬†She’s okay, but it’s weird, talking to someone who looks like you. ¬†Shelly and her twin get along pretty well and have alot in common. ¬†Neither of them have figured out their powers yet and they’re in no hurry to either.

Winston’s twin is a girl. ¬†Winston’s math grades have rapidly improved as his power has developed. ¬†His twin hasn’t figured out her power yet, but has noticed sparks coming out of her hands from time to time. ¬†They can’t figure out what her power is, but like to say that it’s the power of en- light-enment.

I start to wonder about my twin and my power. ¬†I guess I should probably meet her sooner than later. ¬†Then again, if it ain’t broke, then don’t fix it, right? ¬†Maybe it’s a good thing that we don’t know each other. ¬†I don’t remember what The Process is, but every time I think about it, I feel panicked and nervous. ¬†I do know that it has something to do with twins and our powers. ¬†My brain feels foggy. ¬†The more I try to remember, the thicker the fog gets and the harder it is to grasp my own thoughts.

That night, I lay in bed thinking in circles about the events of the evening and what they mean. ¬†I can’t get any further back than when I woke up standing in line with Shelly and Winston. ¬†I’m not sure why I remember Shelly and Winston better than I remember myself. ¬†There’s so much that I don’t know, but I can’t figure out if it’s because I forgot it all or because I never knew things in the first place.

to be continued…


Random Saturdays – Dream Fiction

If you read my blog last weekend, you read my new experiment. ¬†I have crazy dreams and they are very vivid. ¬†When I tell people about my dreams, they usually ask, “What were you drinking before you fell asleep?” ¬†The sad part is, I really don’t drink that much. ¬†I talk about it, but I’m always too sick or too tired to drink. ¬†So, these dreams are literally just my brain doing its own thing without the constructs of society to hold it back. ¬†When I have migraines, it’s even worse. ¬†Like anyone else, I’ll have dreams related to events that day or movies that I watch. ¬†Most of the time, though, it’s just my brain having its way with me.

I also have recurring dreams. ¬†Some of them, I’ve had since I was a little girl. ¬†I’ll start having them when a new chapter in my life starts. ¬†The dream will quickly go through what happened all those years ago, and then it’ll pick up and go from there. ¬†From what I’ve read on dreams and psychology, I don’t think that’s a very common thing. ¬†I had a psychologist tell me once that A) having vivid memories of childhood before the age of 5, B) having recurring dreams for the duration of my life, and C) dreaming in color meant that I was very in touch with my emotions. ¬†Duh. ¬†Then, later, I talked to other people and they don’t seem to remember much about childhood, their dreams, etc. ¬†That seems weird to me. ¬†Amanda and I always tell each other about our crazy dreams, we remember so much about our early childhoods, and we dream in color. ¬†So, I thought everyone did until I became an adult and talked to people other than Amanda.

A few months ago, I wrote a little story for my T-Rex ladies that incorporated all of the in-jokes we had together. ¬†I wrote it in text while just sitting on the couch, watching t.v. ¬†It was just a funny little thing between friends and they loved it! ¬†They told me that I should put it on Facebook, but I didn’t think that was a good idea. ¬†Nobody would get our jokes. ¬†There was some offensive stuff in there. ¬†Meh. ¬†Weeks later, Christina told me that she was serious when she told me that I should write more. ¬†Meh. ¬†“NO. ¬†I mean it.” ¬†She just stared at me until I changed the subject.

Still, that stuck with me. ¬†I started thinking about my dreams and how I’d like to see movies of them so I could see how they ended instead of having to wait for my brain to work on the stories years later. ¬†Then, I started thinking about my friends telling me to write more…

I have these never ending To Do Lists, though! ¬†I work full-time. ¬†There are three kids and two cats and some fish. ¬†This house is a constant source of messiness and maintenance. ¬†There’s cooking and cleaning. ¬†Bills. ¬†Books. ¬†Email. ¬†I spend any time when I’m not doing those things trying to sleep. ¬†When am I going to write?

Oh.  But I have a blog.  Yeah.

I don’t write in here regularly, but if I have time to write, I might as well put some of those cool dream stories in here so that I can remember them. ¬†Every passing day means a little more of the dream drifts away. ¬†I have many talented friends who are writers. ¬†Some have blogs. ¬†Some wrote books. ¬†Some write for online media outlets. ¬†Some are journalists and write for the entertainment industry. ¬†So, it’s really intimidating putting my dreams into stories and putting them online. ¬†What else am I going to do, though? ¬†What have I got to lose? ¬†Like, three people read any given blog post on any given day, if that.

So, I thought I might as well give it a try. ¬†Last week was the first one. ¬†We’ll see how it goes. ¬†If all else fails, I’ll just put up a buncha pics of Pad Kee because he’s the cutest friggin’ kitten ever in the world! *heart eyes*


Twin Self – Part 1

I’m standing in a long line in a dark hallway. ¬†Most people around me look happy and excited, but my friends look worried. ¬†I feel like I should know what’s going on, but I don’t. ¬†I feel like I should be worried, but the excitement of the crowd fills the room. ¬†I try to keep a neutral look on my face, but am sure that I just look confused.

The hallway opens up to an auditorium or theater of some sort. ¬†The lights are low. ¬†The walls are black and the cushioned seats are a dark red. ¬†There are three sections and the floor slants downward. ¬†The room reminds me of a movie theater, but there is no screen. ¬†I follow my friends to a row of seats on the far left side of the room, about halfway down. ¬†I look around and see people rushing to join people they know. ¬†They hug in greeting and laugh while they sit to wait for…whatever it is that’s coming.

My friends are staring at me.  I stare back.

“What?” I ask.

“Why are you so calm?” asks Shelly, her long blonde braid trailing down her left arm.

“How should I feel?” I reply, honestly hoping for a suggestion.

“Do you think we should be sitting with them? ¬†Do you think we’ll look suspicious sitting over here alone?” Winston whispers as he stares at the row of people sitting in front of us. ¬†I follow his eyes.

There are two of each person in front of us. ¬†It’s like that row was reserved for twins. ¬†As I look more closely at the growing crowd, I realize that most of the people in the room are sitting in pairs. ¬†It’s as if I have double vision, every person is a repeat of someone else. ¬†The room is dark and I doubt what I’m seeing. ¬†I blink my eyes, but nothing changes. ¬†We are the largest group of people I can see who are not sitting with our doppelg√§ngers.

“Angela, did you ever meet her?” a voice asks.

“Huh?” I say, still looking around the room in awe, trying to understand what I’m seeing.

“Did you ever meet her? ¬†She’s right over there.” Shelly nods towards the opposite end of the room.

“Who?” I ask. ¬†Was I supposed to be looking for someone?

Shelly looks at me like I’m dumb. ¬†“Her. ¬†Your twin. ¬†Priscilla.” ¬†My¬†twin? ¬†I have a twin? ¬†I guess that makes sense, but…this is all a bit much to take in at the same time. ¬†“I met her on the way in and started talking to her like she was you. ¬†You look exactly the same. ¬†I mean, your styles are different, but you look exactly the same.”

“What’s her style like? ¬†Wait, what’s my style like?” ¬†Shelly and Winston laugh.

The lights dim further and a spotlight turns on in the back of the room. ¬†A voice from nowhere announces, “Greetings, young men and women, and thank you for joining us today.” ¬†The crowd cheers. ¬†Winston mutters, “Like we had a choice,” as he and Shelly clap half-heartedly.

The voice from nowhere continues, “When your name is called, please come forward for The Process.” ¬†The room goes silent. ¬†I look at Shelly and Winston, their faces covered in shadow. ¬†What’s “The Process”? ¬†Why can’t I remember anything? ¬†Why does everyone else seem to know what’s going on except for me? ¬†Even without my memory, I don’t think that “The Process” is a name for something that could possibly be good.

to be continued…