First Half-Birthday Post

This isn’t my first half-birthday.  Believe it or not, I’ve had more half-birthdays than I’ve had full birthdays.  It’s hard to tell ’cause Asian don’t raisin, but it’s true.  I decided that my half-birthday this year would be the perfect time for my first blog post.  I should first say that this is not actually the first blog that I’ve ever had.  I should secondly say that those other blogs meant nothing to me, I was young, I needed the money, and I was in blog with the idea of blogging.

Thirdly, before starting this blog, I thought alot about why I shouldn’t start one:

1.  I have nothing to say. – This, however, is completely false because I talk to myself all the time.

2.  Nobody cares. – Over Thanksgiving vacation, my pal, Teresa mentioned that she hates that all my social media accounts are on lock down and that I require DNA samples and sentimental moment recall before I allow people to friend follow me.  She said that it’s frustrating because I’m so funny (or was it cool or amazing?) that if my accounts were public, I’d get a million followers in 24 hours.  While her comments may have been slight exaggerations, I do make a better impression online than in person, so tens of people could potentially find me/my blog interesting in less than 24 decades. In fact, I met half of my current real life friends online (including Teresa!)  So if it weren’t for public socializing online, I wouldn’t have all six of my friends that I have today.

3.  Another Teresa point – I have a marketing degree.  I’m increasingly pimping my and my friends’ projects online…to my mom a very limited audience.  I don’t currently work in marketing, but would like to in the near future (although touring the world and playing three chords on the piano while singing off-key is also a realistic possibility).  So I need to start marketing myself (and my good pals) publicly and openly.  At the very least, it’s cheaper than having all that DNA tested, right?

At the end of that conversation, I realized that I didn’t have enough crappy excuses to keep me from opening up my social media and blogging parameters in order to help myself and all those buddies I have made on the line and in the real life. Then, I just had to figure out a theme for my blog ’cause all good blogs go to heaven have a theme.  Instead of deciding on a theme, I decided to not do that.  Crazy, right?!  I’m wild!  Woo!  Woo!  So many wild woos!  So I’ll mostly talk about the progress of various projects here, but I’ll also write posts like, “Hey, did you see this article about stuff that made me think about other stuff?  So much stuff!”  Sometimes, I might also do those puppy-kitten-rainbow photo posts just so I can get more hits because the one thing I’ve learned from YouTube is that puppy-kitten-rainbows sell.  For now, please accept Christmas Angela as my humble offering.

Angela Dec202012


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