Pimp It Mondays – Ask a Gay Guy

In my last post, I mentioned my friend, Gabriel.  It just so happens that he has a website called Ask a Gay Guy and a book to go along with it.  The general premise is that you can email questions about gay culture and get honest answers.  There’s also a link on the site in case you wanna vent about anything and your friends are all tired of listening to you.  There’s no guarantee that Gabriel will read your entire rant and respond to it in a meaningful manner, but he might make fun of you in a delightfully hilarious way on his Facebook page.

Buy this book!  It's only $.99 and part of the proceeds go to charity, so even if you don't want to read it, you might burn in hell if you don't buy it.

Buy this book! It’s only $.99 and part of the proceeds go to charity.  So even if you don’t want to read it, you might burn in hell if you don’t buy it.

I met Gabriel in high school.  We both spoke Sarcasm and hated ourselves as much as we loved each other.  When I first met him, he was a comic book nerd with nerd glasses and a protective flannel shirt that was the 90s version of a safety blanket.  My safety blanket took the form of either Doc Martens or Converse, depending on the mood of my feet.  By the end of the school year, he began working on revamping his image, which made me sad because I loved my little comic book nerd teddy bear friend.  I tell ya though, the ladies really loved the revamping.  Sadly for them, Gabriel preferred the romantic company of menfolk.  Gabriel continued to get cooler and better looking and I continued to not do either of those things.  We lost touch at some point, but he found me on Facebook a couple of years back.  We’re both too lazy to drive very far when we’re not going to work, but I might be living a bit closer to him once my lease is up, so I hope to start hanging out in person with him more often.  Let me also say that Gabriel, his husband (Kenneth), Amanda, Jane, and I can rock a Whatburger like it’s 1999.

Because I know Gabriel, and because I know he’s gay, I feel like he’s fully qualified to run a website and publish a book about The Gays.  The only things he’s more qualified to write about are funny insults and Aquaman.  Check out his site to read about gay and pop culture.  Email him if you have any questions.  Buy the book if you want more.  Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date with the latest posts on Ask a Gay Guy.


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