Random Saturdays – Taste of Poland

A few weeks ago, some friends, Stan & Jackie, asked if I wanted to get together for lunch over the weekend.  I suggested we try a place that I’ve been meaning to try forever – Taste of Poland.  This place is located beside The Original Pancake House that I mentioned in a previous post.  I’m an ovo-lacto vegetarian and Stan is diabetic.  We don’t tend to really run into problems finding places where both of us can eat, but it’s still something that I take into consideration when tasked with deciding where we should meet for lunch.  I looked over the online menu and saw that the place seemed like it’d be a good fit for Stan, Jackie, and me.

The restaurant is very charming on the inside.  There’s a small grocery section of Eastern European foods along one wall to the right of the entrance.  They sell pre-made packaged foods, spices, and candies, but also have fresh and frozen foods.  There’s also a display table near the door showcasing handmade cards and art for sale.  Even though it’s not huge, there’s more than enough room for the little market area as well as all of the tables and chairs.  When the waitress seated us, we noticed that the waitstaff and the diners spoke (what we assumed to be) Polish, which is always a good sign.  We were a bit overwhelmed by the menu, not because it’s particularly big, but because we wanted to try so much of it.  We ended up splitting a few things so that we’d get to try more food.

We split an appetizer of sauerkraut & mushroom and potato & cheese pierogies that came with cold sauerkraut.  They were flavorful and light.  I’d take a bite of the potato pierogies and say, “Oh, yeah, I think I like these best,” and then take a bite of the mushroom pierogies and say, “No, no, these.”  Stan and Jackie couldn’t decide which ones they liked best either.  For the entrees, Jackie got Polish sausage with warm sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, Stan got goulash, and I got potato dumplings.  We did a bit of swapping around so that we could all have a bit of everything.  I declined the sausage and goulash, but the goulash was served on top of a potato pancake that was delicious.  I should also mention that the employees were very friendly and helpful, which I always appreciate.

I like eating at small places like this because I like supporting small businesses.  I also like supporting the local economy.  As an added bonus, you get to eat food that was handmade rather than warmed up in a microwave.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Taco Bell more than anybody should love Taco Bell, but it’s hard to beat a homecooked meal that you didn’t have to make yourself.  I think that will be the first of many visits to Taste of Poland.


One thought on “Random Saturdays – Taste of Poland

  1. I love visiting my local town’s restaurants seeing what they have to offer. I also enjoy trying new dishes. They give me ideas as to what I can cook when Saturday rolls around. I treat my family to my recipes on Saturday! And fast foods are not part of our family diet, thank goodness for that!

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