Pimp It Mondays – Teresa’s Books

Since I’ve been pimping so many books lately, I thought I’d pimp Teresa’s books.  I’ve mentioned her blog on here before, but not her non-blog work.  Below is a list of her work that you can purchase.

1) On the Ground Floor – This is a chapbook containing a handful of short stories.  I own this one and have gifted it to a few friends.  This was my first introduction to Teresa’s fiction-writing and is definitely worth reading.

It might not be your dad or your birthday, but this is good, so don’t throw it on the ground.

2) Crossed Genres Issue #24 (Characters of Color Issue) – 2010 – This issue contains Teresa’s short horror story, “December”, which features a Latina protagonist. It was her first professionally published fiction.  The issue is no longer in print, but you can read the story on the Crossed Genres website.  Though reading the story is free, I encourage you to donate to the site since it’s a completely independent publishing group.

That fish needs to be thrown on the ground.

3) Whedonistas: A Celebration of the Worlds of Joss Whedon By the Women Who Love Them (Mad Norwegian Press, 2011) – I have this one as well.  It’s a must have for any Joss Whedon fan.  I was never able to get into Buffy because I have never really liked Sarah Michelle Gellar, but this book made me think that maybe I should try watching the show again.  Teresa’s essay is entitled “Why Joss is More Important Than His ‘Verse”.

Whedonistas! Our knitted hats are so fun!

4) Chicks Unravel Time: Women Journey Through Every Season of Doctor Who (Mad Norwegian Press, 2012) – This one has “All of Gallfrey’s a Stage: The Doctor in Adolescence”.  I don’t own this book, so I can’t vouch for it personally, but it’s Dr. Who, Mad Norwegian Press, and Teresa;  I can’t imagine that I’d dislike the book.

Best scarves in fandom.

5) Outside In (ATB Publishing, 2012) – More Dr. Who!  Teresa’s essay, “The Interconnectedness of Tibetan and Gallifreyan Cultures. Sort of.” is about the Classic Who story, “Planet of the Spiders.” 

Wooo wooo wooooooo wooo woo woo wooo wooooo…It’s just not as effective typed out for some reason.

6) For anyone who reads Spanish, Teresa recently landed a gig with Al Dia.  Here’s a link to her Shakira article (in English) that wasn’t included in the first link for some reason.

This is the face of the hand whose writing you will read.

7) For those who like to time travel, Teresa is also working on an eight-page comic for the anthology, MONSTROUS, edited by Mariah McCourt.  Mariah McCourt also edited HEROIC, so you know MONSTROUS will be good.  Please follow the MONSTROUS Project blog and check out the final product when it’s available.


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