Pimp It Mondays – Vee Hoffman

A few months ago, I found out that one of my very first internet friends published a book last year.  She has since published the second book in that series.  So this Monday, I’m pimping the literary works of Vee Hoffman to you.

Book 1 in the Acclamation series

I met Vee during my first foray into the online email list world, and she later introduced me to the online group that we refer to as RQ — short for Random Questions.  Although I still talk to most of the RoQers (and try to vacation with at least one of them at least once a year), I haven’t talked to Vee in a few years.  In fact, Vee is a newer incarnation of her online persona, and I keep having to correct my typing so that I don’t refer to her as Veronica or Shadow.  Vee is probably a better fitting name for her though since she’s all growed up now and isn’t the goofy early 20s kid that I once knew.

That’s not to say that she isn’t still hilarious, but she’s no longer just dreaming of one day being a published author — she is one now.  Vee is someone who immerses herself in her fictional characters’ minds and the worlds in which they live.  For this reason, she doesn’t write short stories, but instead offers readers a rich world filled with seemingly personal interactions with her characters.  You feel like these characters are real, like the events are real, and you experience everything as if it were happening to you.  The book reviewers seem to agree with me and eagerly share their enthusiasm for the books’ story and characters.  These books are available in Kindle editions, and if you start now, you’ll have time to read the first two books before the next in the series is released.


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