Pimp It Mondays – Changing

I’ve already changed up the Progress Reports, and after experimenting with other post formats on here, I’ve decided to get rid of Pimp It Mondays too.  If you’re anything like me, you come across things on the web and in your daily life that you want to share with other people.  Well, that’s the point of Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, anyway.  Specifically, I’m referring to the stuff that I pimp on Mondays being pimped on a more regular basis.  So instead of just writing a post once a week about one cool thing that I want to share with people, I will be offering up links, videos, blog posts, etc. throughout the week.  The posts will probably be a bit shorter, but I think they might  be a bit more relevant too.  If someone that I’ve already pimped does something really cool (i.e. publishes another book), then I won’t feel obligated to wait to talk about it because I’ve got other stuff lined up already or because I just talked about this person a week ago. I can pop in a link on my blog lickety split and get on with the rest of my eating a bucket of M&Ms day.

Also, since anything I post to this blog automatically hits my Twitter and Facebook pages, it helps me be both more lazy and more productive at the same time.  Brilliant, no?


2 thoughts on “Pimp It Mondays – Changing

  1. Change is good. The market changes, people change and it’s up to us to do the same. If we don’t then we’re not moving and that’s a bad thing. But you’re doing good by keeping true to yourself and to your sanity.

    • Thanks! I don’t want this blog to become an obligation that I do because I feel like I have to because then the quality will suffer. I also had too many ideas for it to settle on one, so I’m experimenting with different things to see what works best for the blog and for me.

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