Random Saturdays – Apartment Search

My latest project is finding a new place to live.  I already have a 45-minute commute to work, but soon, that will turn into an hour commute.  Plus, my apartment complex is raising the rent to way more than I can afford.  So, I have to leave when my lease ends.

There are two funny things that I always forget about apartment searching until I have to do it:

  1. Google image searches are sometimes useless, but always funny.

    None of these pics has anything to do with my actual search term, but man, that is one cute kitten. I wanna live in an apartment complex with a kitten mascot. Is that deli near the cute kitten apartments? Living there would be THE BEST THING I CAN DO ON EARTH.

  2. People do not care that they cannot spell or write in formal, written English;  they just want to bitch online.  Sometimes, this is helpful, but mostly, it’s funny (these are all from Apartment Ratings).
    • Example #1:  “I’m leaving to hell with these apartments. And the sad thing is they trying to remodel but can’t even pay the bill so that why everything looks half done.”
      • If this person hates these apartments so much, why is he/she leaving to hell with them?  Kick those apartments to the curb, honey!  You ain’t got to waste yo time on no half done apartments!
    • Example #2:  “They didn’t change my locks before I moved in. A week after I moved in, the previous tenant unlocked my door, walked up my stairs and into my living room. If I was holding a gun, the man would have been killed.”
      • If this had happened to me, I would’ve crapped on myself and the guy would’ve run away in disgust.  In this case, the only thing standing between the intruder and death was the fact that the person that wrote the review was not holding a gun.  Close one.
    • Example #3:  “Hey I lived her for two years now. I just got robbed again.”
      • Hey, I’m sorry to her that.
      • Worst thing to do on Earth, you say?  So I should do it?  Oh, no, don’t do it.  Thank goodness you clarified!

Well, yikiess, that’s as far as my apartment search has gotten.  Wish me luck on finding an apartment that won’t drive me to write hilariously informative bad reviews online.


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