Random Saturdays – Spring Chicken

Recently, Amanda and I went to Sonic for half-priced shakes.  Since both of our birthdays are in the summer, Amanda and I have been talking alot about birthdays and aging.  The conversation that night started because I mentioned that I was trying to convince a coworker to bring me baked goods for my birthday.  He asked how old I would be, and I said 32.  I called myself a Spring Chicken, but he disagreed.  He wouldn’t even let me have Summer Duck.  Rude.

At any rate, Amanda and I started talking about where we were at different points in our lives and where we thought we’d be by now.  As with most people, none of the plans we had for ourselves have worked out the way we had hoped.  Even so, things have worked out even better than planned.  Life has a way of working out for the best if you will just get the hell out of the way and let it.

Sometimes, The Universe holds up a mirror to focus your attention on a certain aspect of your life that needs fixing.  The Universe has to hold up a mirror, binoculars, and a magnifying glass in order to get my attention.  For example, this time ten years ago, I was preparing to move to Iceland. I moved 4,000 miles and I still couldn’t get away from my problems.  So, I started thinking about things.  I mean, really thinking about things.  Here’s the short version of my thought process:
“Oh, so the problem might be me?  So, it’s all my fault?  Wait, but doesn’t that also mean that I can fix it?  Well pluck my tail feathers and call me Baldy!”

A few years later, The Universe held up a mirror, binoculars, and a magnifying glass to Amanda.  She didn’t move to Iceland, but she had moved in with her boyfriend (who was about 20 years older than her) and his kids (who were pretty close to us in age and still lived at home).  My boyfriend in Iceland was a year younger than me (11 months, whatever).  Rather than grown kids and an ex-wife, it was parents, siblings, cousins, etc. who helped me learn my lessons about life, family, and relationships.  Amanda and I took many years and completely different paths to come to the very same place in our understandings of ourselves and our places within The Universe, including our trip to Sonic for half-priced shakes.

Here are the quotes that made us laugh so hard that night that we randomly repeat them to make each other laugh:

Amanda — If we’re gonna be like 45 or 50 when we start having kids and the men are gonna be 70, then they’re gonna be mad when we die.

Angela — Old men don’t realize they’re supposed to be grateful for anything.
Amanda — Philosophy in the Honda.  “Spring Chicken seeks grateful old man.”  Shit, I thought that’s what it was gonna be like.  I got sideswiped.

A week later, Amanda said that she told her ex (they’re still friends) about the Spring Chicken ad that she was going to put in the paper.  He didn’t think it was funny at all, which we think is hilarious.  Here’s hoping that none of the Spring Chickens reading this get sideswiped by angry 70-year-old men!


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