Random Saturdays – Shameful @TWC

When I moved into my last apartment, I was told that I had to go through Time Warner Cable for phone, internet, and cable.  The surrounding area is actually Verizon FiOS territory, so I’m not sure how TWC grabbed hold onto this specific apartment complex.  As long as I have reliable internet service, I don’t really care who provides it.  Even though TWC is a bit more expensive than other providers, if it’s the only choice, then what’s a gal to do?

It took awhile to get my service going, not sure why.  The last guy that came out said it was because I had a Mac.  I assume it was because he was a moron.  After resetting my network password, he suggested that I get a PC because I would probably always have problems with the internet on a Mac because the thing just seemed to be refusing to connect to the WiFi.  I suggested that he try selecting a WiFi network for my iMac to use before I throw it away and get a new computer.  “Oh, yeah, I forgot you have to do that.”  Well, I’m glad they sent someone so competent to set up my plug-and-play internet service.

After that, I didn’t have many internet problems, other than the outages that affected the entire complex.  Since the outages didn’t seem to last more than few hours at a time, workers were always onsite to fix things ASAP, and it was usually on days when I wasn’t home, I didn’t put up much of a stink.  What are you gonna do?

Then, I got a notice that I needed to bring my modem and router into one of the TWC locations because they found a big security issue with it.  I exchanged my modem and router for a combo modem/WiFi router.  A few months later, I started having to regularly reboot the modem.  First, it was every month, then week, then few days, then multiple times a day.  I’d call and get a message that there was an outage in my area, no need to report the issue, and the robot voice would hang up on me.  When I still didn’t have service after the outage ended, I’d get to talk to living people, who would tell me a bunch of stuff that I already knew (“Your modem isn’t working as it should.  Have you rebooted it?”)

I made  an appointment for a technician to come out, but got calls every hour the day before and day of my appointment asking me if I still needed my appointment because some work was recently done in my area, and that work might have fixed my problem.  If I tried to cancel the appointment, the robot voice would hang up on me.  If I tried to confirm the appointment, the robot voice would hang up on me.  I eventually made an appointment and stuck to it, even though I was discouraged by a live person and robot voice alike to cancel it many times.  They also reminded me that they were doing me a favor by setting up the appointment because I had cancelled the last one.  The worst part of all this is that every time I had to make a call to report a service disruption, I was given the opportunity as a member in good standing to upgrade my services.  This made me so mad that I couldn’t type.

What kind of company makes its tech support act as sales?  I mean, it’s funny when Vince Vaughn wants to sell things rather than fix things in The Internship, but A) that’s a movie and B) I never talked to Vince Vaughn.  After all of that phone tag with Time Warner Cable, I finally got a technician to check out the modem in person and tell me that it was actually some issue with the box on the outside of my building.  Someone else came and dealt with the box.  Things were okay, but I still called AT&T to set up service at my new apartment complex. (My new complex has a contract with TWC, but AT&T said they could use the phone line for my internet service.)



I started to feel bad about the whole thing.  I often complained about TWC on Twitter and @TWC_Help was always very responsive, yet useless.  The people tweeting were always very polite, though, which I appreciate.  Plus, I know it was annoying to be charged an extra “WiFi” fee starting the very same month that I basically had no internet service, but maybe I wasn’t being very understanding of the added cost of Time Warner Cable fixing all of my outages.  Even though I know other TWC customers in different parts of town who had been having the same issues, and even though it took so much time to finally get my issue addressed, and even though I kept getting follow-up calls trying to sell me more expensive services, I felt bad for switching to AT&T.  All of that mess was behind me and TWC, right?

Less than a month after the technicians fixed the issue, I started experiencing service interruptions again.  I haven’t called because I’m exhausted and don’t want to bother with it.  I’ll just pay AT&T the extra money for lower broadband and a monthly usage cap at my new place if it means reliable service and not having to deal with TWC.  I’ll let everyone know if AT&T works out well for me.


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