Stuff People Say – Gray Hair

Amanda and I saw two teenaged boys take a picture of a random guy’s crappy sports car at a gas station.  I commented:

“I’m surprised they didn’t want to take a picture of my [Ford Focus].

A few minutes later, Walking on Sunshine” played at a moderate volume on the car radio as I continued to mock all the ways Amanda and I are not young or hip:

“Those hip girls were listening to some underground song about sunshine and they had side ponytails and they dyed their hair gray.”


2 thoughts on “Stuff People Say – Gray Hair

  1. Okay, that was a weird conversation. But funny, nonetheless! I can’t believe I remember that song. I never could get into it, though. Maybe ’cause it’s so bouncy. Well, maybe I have to be in a bouncy mood to appreciate it. I’d like to hear a song, rather than “Walking on Sunshine”…maybe something like, “Dragging through Dirt.” Or how about “Swimming for Your Life.” That sounds more fun!

    • I like “Walking on Sunshine”, but it’s not my favorite 80s pop song. Jack, you should try to get into the soundtrack business! “Dragging through Dirt” for the next zombie thriller and “Swimming for Your Life” could be in Sharknado 2.

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