Random Saturdays – Bingo

You know how you have in-jokes with different people?  Since I spend most of my time working and I work with a really great group of people, we have alot of jokes…mostly about other people at work.  We started joking about making a bingo game out of these jokes.  Then, the joke became a reality!

We refer to it as Change Management (the name of our team) Bingo, even though the Performance Assurance team and Ben are now playing the game with us.  Others have requested to join, but they have been turned away.  However, we let other people alert of us of bingo squares, if they so choose.  Yesterday, one guy said he was going to make it his goal to be an entire bingo all by himself.

We even have a trophy that’s company-approved.  Carla’s husband won it for, I dunno, doing work or something.  He left here to work for another company and was throwing out stuff with our company logo on it.  Carla saved the top part of the trophy because it was really nice and didn’t have her husband’s name or the company name on it.  So, it’s our new bingo trophy.

CM Bingo Trophy

Our beloved trophy

The game first started two weeks ago, and we all thought that “Superhero t-shirt” would  be one of the first squares called.  Four games later, not a single person has worn a superhero t-shirt!  In a building filled with nerds, this really is an anomaly.  Other things happen so often that we’ve had to create a Bingo Advisory Board that rules on the cheaty-ness of events.  Wednesday, we had a BAB meeting because I did something that could have been a bingo square, but since I did it, we weren’t sure if it counted.  I did it unintentionally, so, the BAB agreed that it would count this time, but not in the future.  Ron lobbied pretty hard for that even though the decision did not benefit him at all.

Playing CM Bingo has been a real team building experience.  I’ve learned that my team has excellent morals and they love to make fun of people.  At first, I wasn’t sure that everyone would be on board with it, but they really seem to be enjoying themselves.  William doesn’t play, but the most team building he does in any given week is IM Erica and me to tell us that he thinks Ron is doing a much better job than the other weirdos that had Ron’ s position before.  Most importantly, my Filipino mother will be incredibly proud that I have found a way to incorporate Bingo into my work day.  Living the dream!


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