Random Saturdays – Dream Audiobooks

There was a time when I refused to listen to audiobooks.  I wanted to hold a physical book in my hands and read the words with my own eyes, imagining the voices and picturing the events myself.  Then, I got a really boring job in cartography and audiobooks because my primary tool for staying awake at work.  When I got a new job with a long commute, I went back and forth between audiobooks and satellite radio.  After I moved last summer, I got out of the audiobook habit because I kept forgetting to open up a new account at the local library.  Audiobooks are way to expensive to buy them all the time, so without a library card, I have no audiobooks.

Recently, I made it to the library, got a new library card, and checked out True Blue by David Baldacci.  Ron McLarty reads most David Baldacci books and he does a great job for these stories.  It’s like talking to an old friend, except that you do none of the talking, your old friend is telling a much more interesting story than you or any of your friends ever really have, and you can shut your old friend up as needed.  Listening to the audiobook made my drive to work go much smoother.  It’s a little difficult listening to it at work because I want to focus on the story, but sometimes have to focus on work, but I’m definitely going to keep up the audiobook commute habit.

While trying to listen to the book at work, a coworker asked what I was listening to and I told him.

Coworker — David Bowie?
Angela — No, but I would listen to a David Bowie audiobook.
Coworker — Yeah, but only if he read it.

That led to a short Flight of the Conchords discussion.  More importantly, I started thinking about audiobooks that should exist.  Here’s my short list:

So, what other audiobook pairings am I missing?


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