Random Saturdays – Shoes

Man, I have got some crazy Asian monkey feet.  I mean, it’s ridiculous.  I see other women just buy whatever shoes they like as long as they fit.  I see people complain about how hard it is to buy shoes, but then they buy a new pair of shoes at least once a month or so.  Once I find shoes that fit and are affordable and/or fit other criteria on my list, I immediately start searching for more because by the time I find another pair, the pair I just bought will be worn out completely.

I have shoes for work, house shoes, and non-work shoes.  I have one main pair of each and usually additional pairs that hurt my feet and/or were ruined, but I can’t get rid of because I feel guilty for not wearing them until they have holes and are completely unwearable.  Between November 2013 and March 2014, I had switched from warm weather work shoes to cold weather work shoes and back again.  Apparently, my feet changed during the winter so that the comfy warm weather shoes that I found for work last year after looking for new shoes for a year, felt like a torture chamber on my feet in March.  I wore the $12 Converse One Stars that I got from Target in 2013 to Paris in December 2013.  They got very wet in the rain and, apparently, changed their shape, causing my feet much pain.

So, in March, I started looking for shoes.  I found some work shoes right away and was very excited.  After a couple of weeks, the strap on one shoe broke and the strap on the other shoe threatened to snap off at any moment.  I returned them and got some Sketchers for around $35.  I’ve seen old ladies wearing them, but I’m no fashionista;  I don’t care if I dress like an old lady if my feet feel good.  I also got a pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoes for $15, thinking they would be a good pair of work shoes.  They were comfy until I wore them for a few hours and they started scraping the back of my ankles.  I still wear them, but I have to put bandages on my ankles.  Because they leave my ankles tender, I have to wear bandages when I wear other flats as well.  It’s fun.

In less than two months, the Sketchers fell apart.

I was very sad.  I started looking for shoes that day, but had no luck and got a bit upset over my ugly feet and being poor and stuff.  The next day, I went to TJ Maxx on my lunch hour to look for shoes and lucked into a pair of cushiony sandals with no back and adjustable top straps and a pair of Jeep shoes. (Yeah, they make shoes. Who knew?)  The total cost – $70 with tax.  For me, that’s alot of money to spend on shoes, but I figured that I was lucky to find two pairs of shoes in one day.  If I end up not needing to take either of them back, the money was well spent.  If I do need to take one, or both, pairs back, then, well, at least I’ll have a refund or store credit.  Plus, if those shoes keep me from having to walk around a bunch of stores on my bandaged crazy Asian monkey feet looking for new shoes for a year, then it will have been worth like, five or ten dollars more.


3 thoughts on “Random Saturdays – Shoes

  1. Shoes nowadays are worthless. I’m seriously thinking manufacturers are making them out of paper mache. Even the $100 shoes I’d bought a couple of months ago fell apart along the sides. Now, every time it rains, my feet get wet. Let me tell you, nothing’s worse than wet feet to start your day! 😉

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