Random Saturdays – Bugs And Snakes

Call me weird, but I don’t like bugs and I don’t like snakes.  I can respect their places in the circle of life, or what have you, but I want them to take care of that away from me.  Recently, it seems like The Universe has decided that I should get a bit closer to bugs and snakes.  I have no idea what I did to make The Universe so mad at me, but yeesh!

At work, there have been sightings of a snake that’s at least four feet long.  Ron came back from a trip to the bathroom one day and told me about seeing this giant snake outside.  I.  Freaked.  Out.  I know, not a very mature response.  In my defense, I did not develop the fear that I had of snakes until I had depression.  At that point, I would regularly have nightmares and night terrors about snakes.  So, though my fear is still illogical, it’s not the most ridiculous thing about me, by far.

After a few minutes, people from other departments started hearing about the snake and went outside to look at it.  One guy eventually threw it into the fake pond we have at work and it swam away.  The snake “experts” at work continue to argue about whether it’s a water moccasin or some other kind of non-poisonous snake.  I inadvertently caught a glimpse of it while trying to help one coworker send other coworkers video of the snake encounter and did not notice the diamond-shaped head associated with many poisonous snakes, but I still don’t want to go make friends with it.

Ron saw the snake again the day that I wrote this post 😦 😦 😦  If the snake and geese won’t stay away, then I want the geese and the snake to finish each other off so that I don’t have to deal with any of them again.  I’m scared to walk to my car, especially on day like today – wet and rainy.  What if the snake attacks me in the garage?!?!?!  I know it’s not likely, but neither is cutting yourself on pantyhose, and I’ve managed to do that twice now.


Snake At Work

Snake At Work


Then, there are the bugs.  I’m not talking about cute little lady bugs or lucky crickets.  No.  I’m taking about two-inch-long waterbugs swimming around in the toilets at work like they’re swimming pools that we had installed just for them.  I’m talking about scorpions that hide in trash cans at your boyfriend’s parents house.  In the case of the waterbugs, I’m not sure what’s going on with the bathrooms upstairs at work.  I gave up on them a month after finding them because they always had crowds or remnants of crowds that didn’t understand how sinks, toilets, paper towels, or used toilet paper work.  I kept finding crushed dead waterbugs and other insects in there.  Last Friday, two coworkers found two giant waterbugs swimming around in two different toilets (one in the men’s room, one in the ladies’ room.)  Gross!

This weekend, at the farm, we had a run-in with a couple of scorpions.  Ben’s parents had just sprayed some repellent, so we’re thinking that it just stirred up the scorpions, who were probably trying to make their way out of the house.  It was just unfortunate timing considering my paranoia with non-human and/or non-fuzzy mammals as of late.  Oddly enough, the scorpion incidents bothered me the least.  (I say that, but now one’s going to sting me in the eye.  *sigh*)

Living in Texas, I know that there’s going to be a constant battle with all kinds of terrifying and gross creatures.  I know that I’m usually going to be the only one as bothered by them as I am.  Everyone else is from the country and is hardcore.  Great, good for them!  They can take care of all the critters for me as I try to not have asthma attacks and keep my heart from beating out of my chest.  I admit that I’m a wimp and that I’m weird and that I should be more afraid of walking home from Deep Ellum on a Saturday night (which I did as a teenager, fearing only the possibility of not making it home in time for curfew) than  I am of all these varmints out here.  Still, I’m scared of anything that doesn’t meow or bark.  So, I will be more than happy to step aside while the other 99.9% of everyone in Texas handles them for me. *shudders* Ugh.


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