Stuff People Say – No Worries

To preface, Dora is my new codename for Ben’s daughter.  His boys will be Lego and Minecraft and everyone who knows them will know why.

Angela (to Dora and Lego) — Can you both go brush your teeth, please?

Dora — Yeah, I gonna brush all over all my teeth!

Angela — That’s good.  That’s exactly what you should do.

[I have a five minute conversation with Dora about Ben, showering, getting ready, brushing your teeth, and who can shower/get ready in which order.  Lego is silent the whole time.]

Angela — I really need to take my shower now.  Your dad is getting ready and will be out in a minute.  Will you please go brush your teeth now?

Dora — Don’t worry about it, Lego.  Let’s just go brush our teeth.

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