Random Saturdays – Sharkanado Pre-Production

Before Ron left, Ronicala was going to do our own version of Sharknado called Sharkanado.  We were going to film it at the pond at work because we have so much natural wildlife around us.  I insisted on filming after someone got rid of the snake, but now we also have spiders in bathrooms and hallways that I can no longer use.  Between the wildlife and the heat, I don’t know if I could really even walk to the pond without dying of heatstroke or fear.

At any rate, we brought a souvenir from the Houston Aquarium back for Erica’s step-son.  She and I had a bit of fun with it before she passed it on to him.  Without further ado, feast your eyes upon the first pre-prod shots for Sharkanado!


Sharkanado Eats a Pinata

Sharkanado Eats a Piñata


Sharkanado Eats a Penguin

Sharkanado Eats a Penguin


Blurry Shot

Erica and I were laughing so hard that we couldn’t keep the camera or Sharkanado still for the picture


Sharkanado is Simple

Sharkanado is Simple


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