Random Saturdays – Weird Weather

As I write this, the temperature is 66ºF and the expected high is 77ºF.  Today is July 18th and I live in the DFW metroplex.  I cannot believe that I just typed those two sentences in conjunction with each other.  Seriously.  I’m blowing my own mind right now.

I have lived in hot climates (no, not warm, but hot) for most of my life.  The only two years that I didn’t live in a hot climate, I lived in Iceland, a cold climate (not cool, but cold).  We are currently experiencing an Icelandic summer in Texas.  I almost hate to say that because, living in Texas, I know a number of people who think that global warming has been “scientifically” disproven.  So, those people will take the Icelandic weather in Texas as proof against global warming, even though it’s actually just a weather anomaly, but, you know, *giant sigh*

Global warming or not, I’m thoroughly enjoying the weather.  The crepe myrtles are still in bloom.  I’m not getting as many migraines due to the sunshine and heat.  I don’t sweat walking from the front door of the house to my car.  I don’t have to keep the A/C in my car on the highest setting at all times.  It’s really quite nice.  It was even cool enough to take a walk around the block with Ben and the kids the other night.  I mean, we got a little sweaty because it was warm, but we weren’t drenched in sweat just from walking out the door.

It makes me wonder what kind of terrible weather pattern will show up next as penance for nice weather, but then I remember how negative that is.  So, I’m trying to enjoy this cooler summer weather while it lasts.  There is plenty of rain attached to the cold fronts that are coming in, but that’s also needed since most of Texas has been in a drought of varying degrees for the past decade.  While it is here, I will enjoy the rain and cooler air.  When it has gone and the heat has returned (read:  by the time this post is published), I’ll go back to whining and moaning about the heat and the sun like I normally do.


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