Random Saturdays – Back to Busines

So, I took a short hiatus from this blog over the past couple of months.  There were some family emergencies, lots of overtime at work, lack of sleep, etc.  I’m back on antidepressants now, after realizing that much of my suffering over the past two years has been self-inflicted.  I mean, not entirely since you can’t help what your brain chemicals do.  I should have gotten back on meds sooner, though, instead of trying to battle with it myself.  I’ve mentioned before about my struggles with depression and anxiety and how I now realize it affects my loved ones.  Still, it took a few months of actively trying to be mindful of my thoughts and actions before I realized that I needed a bit of medical help to handle my depression and anxiety at the levels they have reached.  I’m thankful to Ben and the kids for being the catalysts for the change.  Otherwise, I’d probably still be convinced that it was just my fault for not having enough daily structure to keep my act together.

In regards to life in general, some things are better now than they were at the beginning of the summer.  Some things are not.  However, my more chemically balanced brain is helping me keep everything in perspective.  For example, I can’t believe it’s already the end of September!  I mean, I’m still making plans for the end of September, so how can it already be that time?!  October is going to be a busy month, but I know November and December will be too.  Holiday season is always busy for us all, but it’s also Birthday Season for my friends and family.  Actually, I guess there is also birthday season from spring through early summer now that I’m with Ben.  At any rate, it means lots and lots of things to look forward to and discuss on the blog 🙂

One thing I’m looking forward to is reviewing my blogging buddy, Jack Flacco’s, second book – Ranger Martin and The Alien Invasion.  Look for that review on my blog in mid-October.  I’m only on the first chapter right now, but I’ll tell you a secret…I’m definitely going to read the second chapter as well.  Okay, I’ve already said too much.  Time for me to go back to reading and stop with the detailed spoilers.

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