Random Saturdays – Big Expenses

Sometimes, my friends try to be nice and use words like, “sensible” or “frugal” to describe me, but really, I’m just cheap.  I don’t like spending money, especially on myself.  I like to save it, not because I want to be buried with it someday, but because I have no money and no kids and my parents never saved money.  I just want to be able to take care of myself and my parents as needed.  That’s all.  Since I don’t make much money, that means spending even less money.

I bought an iPhone 4 just before the iPhone 4S came out because I needed a new phone and had been screwed over by my pre-paid phone plan providers.  Since I had to spend $200 on the phone. I vowed to keep it until it would run no more.  That ended up being this year.  I think that if I reverted it back to the original software and used it only for texts and calls, it would work fine.  Since that is not why I have a smartphone, I decided to get a new phone.

Because my phone was dying anyway and Ben and I do not like to use our work phones for phone calls, texts, or emails (partly for privacy, more for lack of reliability), we decided that we’d get new iPhones when they came out and put it all on a shared plan.  I had a pre-paid plan for my iPhone and he had a Jetpack, so we’re really only spending a little more now to have an extra phone line, but neither of us will have to deal with the frustration of using our Android work phones or my old iPhone.  We did have to deal with the frustration of waking up at 2 am to pre-order the phones and waiting almost three weeks to have our phones delivered, but hey.  Such is life.

Shortly afterwards, Ben and I discovered that we’d both had alot of the same back, arm, and neck issues.  Since he’s very healthy and I’m on the verge of death, we realized that it had to be from the one thing we had in common – sleeping on the same mattress.  We had discussed buying a Sleep Number bed before, as in, let’s start saving now so that we can buy a Sleep Number bed in a few years.  When we realized we needed a new bed right away, we decided to go ahead and go with a Sleep Number.

It was very expensive and gave me heart palpitations, but we got a good deal on it.  For the normal price of a p5 bed, we got the bed, the SleepIQ, a mattress protector (which is also like an extra layer of cushion), and two memory foam lumbar pillows.  My last bed was $800 for the frame, bed, and box spring.  Granted, it was a full instead of a king, but I thought that was splurging at the time.  I’m having to adjust my whole point of reference.

That’s the thing, I’m having to adjust my perspective on life because my life is very different now from the way it has been the past seven years, and that’s a good thing.  I’m not alone anymore.  I’m not purchasing things alone or suffering from a bed bed alone.  It’s also nice to have someone who reminds me that I’m not a bad person for doing something for myself.  Lord knows my perspective on that definitely needs some adjusting.  I wish they had special support pillows for the soul.  Copyright and patent that!  My first million!  I’m gonna have this bed paid off in no time!


4 thoughts on “Random Saturdays – Big Expenses

  1. I spend a lot of money on mattresses and pillows. I think–believe–that a good night’s sleep is the best weapon for fighting life’s little trials. I love sleep. I mean, I really LOVE sleep. As soon as I hit my pillow, I’m gone to beddy-bye land. Not a cent is wasted when you spend it on a good mattress, pillows and comforters! 🙂

    • It takes me about 2 hours to fall asleep and I wake up every hour or so throughout the night. I’ve found myself falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer with the new bed. I like my pillow, but the one that I tried at the store was better, so I might have to change that too. I love sleep, but never get enough of it. I’m learning quickly what a difference a good mattress can make in your life and this one is worth every penny!

      • It’s so worth it! I used to buy $60 pillows and had terrible nights where I couldn’t get comfortable at all. Then my wife suggested those chiropractic rolls–they’re similar to the Japanese pillows where it’s only a roll that fits under the neck supporting the head from the base. Since then, I’ve had nothing but sweet sleeps. They’re expensive, though. I think mine costed $85. But honestly, I’d spend $200 on a pillow if it provides me with a good night’s sleep!

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