Random Saturdays – Bathroom Genius

I haven’t been very good at keeping up with this blog this year. I’m still trying to figure out some routines, but this has been a year filled with rapid changes (seemingly for the worst at first, but really for the better in the long term.)  It’s not for a lack of ideas for posts, though. I have an idea for a blog post at least once a day, but usually not when I actually have an opportunity to write a post or even write down a reminder about my idea. Most of my ideas come to me in the bathroom, as do most of the rest of my ideas for everything else.

Admit it.  You do your best thinking in the bathroom.  Or, if not the bathroom, then it’s always somewhere inconvenient – driving in the car, running around the park, something like that.  None of us have our most brilliant moments at a desk in front of our computers while we’re trying to stay awake after lunch.  I was in the bathroom a few weeks ago, not even using it, just putting up some towels.  I started thinking about something that I can’t remember now and knew I’d forget it before I got a chance to write a note to myself about it.  Then, I started thinking about how often that happens.  More than that, I started thinking about how many emotional breakthroughs I’d had in the bathroom.

I remember when I was about six years old, I spent 45 minutes in the bathroom because after I used the bathroom, I realized there was a giant roach on the floor beneath my feet.  I was so scared that I sat on the toilet, trying to will it to disappear.  My mom finally found me and yelled at me for being ridiculous.  I had similar things happen with spiders in the bathtub.  After a few scoldings, though, I came to realize that even though we’re all scared of things, I couldn’t let spiders and roaches keep me locked in the bathroom until I die.  My parents would not always be there to take care of bugs for me, and I’d have to figure out a way to handle things myself.

Anyway, back to ideas.  Part of the appeal of Pinterest to me is that I can pin ideas.  Then, I can go back later and get inspired again.  Most of the time, it’s just one of those things where you go, “Oh, I thought there was something that I wanted to make the next time I got a good avocado,” or, “Wasn’t I going to do some kind of craft for the front door this Christmas?”  The beautiful part is even if you saw a pin a year ago that you didn’t pin to your board, you can look up something like, “avocado recipes” or “Christmas windows” and all of these lovely little pins pop up to excite you.  It sounds alot like Google, really, but it’s just in a more organized format and searching in a narrower field, which increases the chances of you finding (A) the pin you originally saw, (B) an even better pin, or (C) hilarious memes.

How many ideas?  A whole bunch?!  I'm in!

How many ideas? A whole bunch?! I’m in!

Between Pinterest, smartphone reminders, and good ol’ fashioned sticky notes, I write alot of notes to myself.  For Christmas this year, I’d like a magic pill to make me look at those notes and give me the time and energy to follow through with what I read on them.  That way, I could remind myself to invent a way for my ideas to write themselves down on a sticky note so that I don’t have to start bringing my phone, notepads, and pencils into the bathroom with me.


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