Unboxing July Ipsy and August Planning

Hello, interwebz!  I’m combining two short posts today – the July Ipsy unboxing and my August planning.  I’m working hard to catch up on all of the reviews and tutorials I want to do for you all so that I can start doing blog and vlog posts while I still have steam!

My July Ipsy Glam Bag contained two Secret Key Nature Recipe masks (honey and tea tree), a blue iridescent makeup bag, an Ofra eyeshadow pan refill in Millennium Gold, Dr. Lipps original Nipple Balm, a Lord & Berry lip liner in Mandarin, and Bellapierre Banana setting powder in Medium.

I tried to take a few pics to really get how pretty this bag is, but it made everything else washed out and hard to see.  This is a nice little bag that I might take with my phone, keys, and wallet when I’m running errands.  I have never heard of Ofra, but this eyeshadow looks pretty and shimmery.  It’s a pan refill that is supposed to fit multiple makeup palettes, but I don’t have any that this would fit.  So, it might make a good travel eyeshadow.  I’m excited to try the Lord & Berry lip liner and Banana setting powder!  The lip liner is the same color as the Kat Von D orange lipstick that I discussed in a previous post, not that the lipstick needs any help in staying powder, but I do like putting lip liner on my lips under lipstick.  I’ve heard that the banana powder does good things for oily skin and shine.  I’m wondering if it’ll help with sweaty Texas heat faces.

I am addicted to face masks, so these two masks were pretty exciting to see in the package!  Honey and tea tree oil are both good for inflamed skin and acne.  Honey has natural antibacterial properties while also being soothing and moisturizing.  Tea tree oil dissolves pimples and calms skin inflammation.  So , the masks are a welcome addition to my beauty routine.  The Nipple Cream struck me as odd at first, and then I remembered reading about this.  You can put it anywhere from your lips to your shoes.  The lanolin mixture will act as a deeply absorbing moisturizer, perfect for my sun sore skin.  Imagine what my skin would be like If I weren’t using lotion and sunscreen every day!

Now, on to my planner.  I need a simple monthly layout since August will be filled with so many back to school items in a week or two.  I finished up my crappy tape in the school design.  So, I decided to try to stay on the blue and red path.  I added a few stickers and left the rest for writing.

The day after I set this up, I added about four things to the monthly calendar.  So, it was a wise choice to keep the monthly spread sparse.  Now that I think of it, I need to record a few other things.  I use my planners to record my daily health record so that I can look back at the end of the week to see if it was a good or bad health week and what may have caused it.  This heat is killing me right now, but usually it’s other triggers like lack of sleep or extra stress.  Back to School time is always a bit extra stressful for everyone, amirite?

I subscribed to the July Mommy Lhey box, so I should get that soon.  It inspired me to use alot of Mommy Lhey art in my weekly spread.  Most of these stickers and washi are from the November Mommy Lhey kit.  I love these little animal cuties and girl/woman stickers!  I still have quite a few things from that box because you get SO MUCH in them.  The boxes are a little expensive, so I told myself that I could get one every six months.  As you can see, the supplies last much longer than every six months.  So, I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth for the beautiful art and high quality stationery products.  Plus, supporting small and independent business women is my favorite kind of shopping!

Well, thanks for reading this post!  Did you like the combination of unboxing and planning?  Let me know your thoughts if you’ve tried any of the items that were in my July Ipsy glam bag.  I’d love to hear what you think in the comments below!

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