Stuff People Say – Regular Kids

Minecraft — Guess what, Angela.  I didn’t get to play Minecraft much today because my computer broke

Angela — Really?

Minecraft — Yeah, I only got to play it until about 11 AM and then I couldn’t play no more.

Angela — You couldn’t play it any more after that?  What’d you do the rest of the day?

Minecraft — I just mostly played like a regular kid.

Stuff People Say – Lotsa Problems

Minecraft — Uh-oh.  We got a problem.  We forgot to stop and get gasoline.

Lego — That’s okay because I got a billion of them already that we can use.

Minecraft — We got another problem.  There are lotsa helicopters and they have thousands of missiles that they can use on us.

Lego — That’s okay, ’cause this one gots four guns and this one gots four and this one gots four and this one gots two and we can fight the helicopters.

Minecraft — Well, we got one more problem.  The boss sent me a text and he wants us to get back to base by dinnertime at six and I don’t know if we can make it in time.

Lego — [sound effects]

Minecraft — Why did you blow yourself up?

Lego — I don’t wanna play no more.