Exploring Your Depths – New Website is Live!

My friend, Cathy, is finishing up a certificate in life coaching. She just put up a new website filled with info and links about her services. Once she has her certification, you can order affordable life coaching sessions from her. She’s also willing to trade services in lieu of money. Check out her new site and sign up for her newsletters!

Exploring Your Depths

I’m excited to announce my new website: Exploring Your Depths.

I’m extending this blog into more services for coaching and self-development. Once my coaching certification is complete in a few weeks, my Etsy shop will be live with the option to purchase coaching sessions and tarot readings with me.

There are also some free resources up on the site already – look on the Downloads page for those. I’m planning more e-booklets and even some e-courses.

Also, consider signing up for my monthly newsletter through the form on the front page. I’ll let you know of new downloads, events, promotions,
and include a digest of my blog subjects for the month. My first issue will go out next weekend, May 4!


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I never read the book, but I did see the movie (and liked it, even though I didn’t expect to). I liked Greg Behrendt when I saw him on Oprah, but only as far as avoiding unhealthy relationships and not pursuing someone who’s not interested in you. I share Teresa’s views on marriage, arbitrary relationship timelines, weddings, “Single Ladies”, and “Merry Happy”.

The Teresa Jusino Experience

So, I was chatting online with a friend last night, and we got on the topic of her current romantic situation. After giving her a bit of (what I think was some) sound advice (which is hilarious when you consider my own romantic history – it’s always easier to give advice than to take it), I finally came around to the big thing that was really bothering me, and I remembered that I’d written something for an old blog to that effect. So, I’m reprinting it below, because I still stand by every word. Please keep in mind that I wrote this in 2009 just before the film version of He’s Just Not That Into You came out. I’ve since seen the movie, and it’s pretty cute (and not nearly as annoying as the book). I’ve also since bought Kate Nash’s Made of Bricks, and I currently have a…

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Exploring Your Depths – Make Do

Exploring Your Depths — Make Do.

Cathy’s blog today is about making the most of your situation, no matter what it is.  She reminds us that “perfect” is usually a fictional and, therefore, unattainable goal.  Making do with what you haven’t isn’t about suffering or half-assing things;  it’s about making the most out of what you have.

Just this morning, I read an article in O magazine about how to workout regularly even when you hate exercise (the web article has a different, and less compelling, title though).  The key is to set your sights low, to set manageable goals.  I haven’t  been able to get back into a regular workout routine since I hurt my knees awhile back.  I know that I can’t work out for longer than 20 minutes a day (even walking around the mall or Target for an hour starts to hurt my feet, knees, and/or hips and I often get headaches).  If I work out particularly hard one day, it can take days to recover instead of my old customary one-day recovery period.  Finding that balance of working out and not over doing it has been difficult, since it’s not the same ratio that it was just three years ago.  Lately, I’ve been disappointed because I can’t seem to commit  to working out regularly.  However, I have managed to do a number of mini-workouts throughout the day (yoga stretches and a strength move or two when I wake up, a 3-minute workout after dinner while watching TV, more yoga/pilates moves to stretch/relieve the day’s tensions before bed).  Granted, the pounds haven’t been melting off, so I still feel like a lazy loser, even though I feel better physically (less joint and back pain).  Why is it so hard for me to do all of these things in a 20-minute interval though?  What is my problem?!

When I read the magazine article this morning, I found it interesting that the writer started with 10 minutes of working out and that there are actually benefits to that because I always feel like a slacker even if I reach my 20-minute goal, which seems like a pretty pathetic goal anyhow.  Then, I read Cathy’s post, which reenforced the idea that even if my mini-workouts are all that I can manage right now, that’s fine.  I’m making do, and that’s good enough.  If I’m able to eventually amp up my workouts and stick with a regular workout routine without getting frustrated by a combo of injuries, laziness, and lack of sleep, then good.  The mini-workouts are fine too though because I am able to keep up with them daily and the health benefits are fully evident even if the waistline benefits aren’t there.  So maybe the combo of the magazine article and Cathy’s post is the universe’s way of telling me that making do isn’t such a bad thing afterall.

The Spiral Dance — “The World’s First Tablet For Women? Oh, Honestly!”

Rather than being focused on gender, I’d be more interested in seeing tablets with customizable themes like Harry Potter, penguins, or Dr. Who. That’s my idea! Nobody steal it! TM Copyright All Rights Reserved! Gonna get right on that after I learn to play the piano this year.

The Spiral Dance

The name “ePad Femme” is evocative of all sorts of imagery. Just last week, during Creative Lab time, the Fashioning Circuits students and I were imagining a menstrual pad that would alert you when it needed to be changed. However, “ePad Femme”  refers to a tablet device from The EuroStar Group that is being marketed as “the world’s first tablet aimed exclusively at women,” I have to insert an exasperated sigh here. I could point you to other posts where I’ve addressed similar issues: “Whose Idea of Bliss?” that addresses the HTC Bliss phone that was designed for women, or “Droid’s Hypermasculine advertising” in which I analyze the Droid commercial that pits femininity and technological prowess against one another. But let’s dig a little deeper.

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“I believe I’ve seen this AG…”

I believe I’ve seen this AG from her comments comment on other things, and she’s right – he has to dismiss every feminist comment she makes on her own Facebook page. If you don’t agree, then that’s fine. If you always dismiss someone else’s opinion and life experience on a specific subject, then you can’t accuse someone else of being biased.

The Teresa Jusino Experience

So, a couple of days ago, I was at a coffee shop and posted the following Facebook status:

That annoying moment when a guy assumes you don’t understand the concept of an internet connection not working. I asked the woman next to me if her internet was down, too. It was. As I walked to the counter to tell them there was a problem w/their connection, a dude at the other table chimed in…
“Well, you need a password to login.”
“I know. I had one. I got bumped off the network.”
“Well, were you on for longer than 2 hours? The code is only good for 2 hours.”
“I know. I’ve only been on for 45 minutes.”
Guy checks his connection.
“Oh…I’m off, too.”
“I know. That’s why I’m telling them there’s a problem.”
Told the staff, they restarted their modem, and we’re all right as rain. The woman…

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