Sunday Reading List

I wanted to write something for Random Saturdays, but was drawing a blank.  All I could think about was office gossip and my To Do list.  I blame this on a combination of coming back to work after a wonderful Christmas vacation and my brain not quite recovering from back-to-back colds.  Other people have written some very entertaining articles this past week, though.  So, allow me to share a few of them with you so that I’ll feel like I’m only 99% lazy bum.

  1. My Year Was Tragic. Facebook Ambushed Me With a Painful Reminder. (Slate) – Yet another reason to dislike Facebook.  I mean, you know, it has it’s uses, but I did wonder if Facebook had considered the fact that not everyone would want to relive the past year via photos.  I’ve heard that Facebook has addressed the issue since this was published, but I also think that in the world of social media and “My Life is Picture Perfect” posts, it’s good to have a reminder that real life is not always represented accurately in social media.
  2. The Sad Truth Behind Those ‘Perfect’ Facebook & Instagram Photos Summed Up In One Comic (Huffington Post) – I can’t bash Facebook without bashing Instagram too, right?  This one’s funny (and short).
  3. christmas is the pits (bitches gotta eat) – Sam’s at it again, describing how anyone not celebrating the holidays Hallmark-style can still avoid jumping off a bridge.
  4. Most Hilarious Food Network Recipes of All Time (Rantings of an Amateur Chef) – This is a blog post inspired by a BuzzFeed article, but it ends with a serious recipe that is simple and healthy.
  5. If You’re Toasting To Health, Reach For Beer, Not (Sparkling) Wine (NPR) – Lucky for me, I prefer beer over wine because it fills me up faster and doesn’t give me headaches.  Maybe you could pair a good beer with the healthy recipe from the previous post.

I hope you all had a good New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.  Here’s hoping I have something better to write about in 2015!


Sunday Reading List

I had so much fun using my own blog as an excuse to read other blogs that I decided to make the Sunday Reading List a regular feature. Here are some of my favorite posts and internet bits from the past week.

Jack Flacco – The Walking Dead: Lessons Learned
He has the best comeback I’ve ever heard for people who claim to not be interested in zombies.

NPR – Dishwasher Cooking: Make Your Dinner While Cleaning The Plates
I’ve wondered about this before, and thought I was just crazy. This doesn’t prove me wrong, but I really have to try this now.

Gabriel Mendez – Charlie’s
My friends are opening a sandwich shop. Whut whut!

Bitches Gotta Eat – i’m a virgin again, according to science.
Don’t read this if alot of cussing and explicit explanations about the human body and/or sex bothers you. If those things don’t bother you, though, prepare to laugh. So much. Like, really, alot.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Reading List

I’ve been busy with everything but writing a blog post this week.  I even have quite a few ideas for many posts, but I just haven’t gotten around to writing any of them because I had other things that were higher on my list of priorities this week.  One of my priorities today is to write four rough draft blog posts.  I know, I dream big.  Initially, I thought that I would just not post this weekend, but while I was dyeing my old lady white hairs last night, I decided that I wanted to do a post of other posts.  Since I’m also behind on reading the blogs that I love, I figured that I could use today’s blog post as a lazy excuse way to share some of my favorite bits of bloggy and internet goodness with my mom you.  (Just kidding, not even my mom reads my blog.)

24 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From The Ladies Of “Girl Code”
Pearls of wisdom for all women, but funny.

Travels With Mary – The Sunshine Award
I enjoy her blog – it’s light, fun, and we share alot of common interests.  In this post, she mentions a house with a Deathly Hallows window.  If I ever own a cardboard box home, that’s gonna be a must have.  Also, I didn’t know Matt and Kim did that song until now.  If only I had a smartphone with an app that would tell me who does songs that I like when I hear them…

The Teresa Jusino Experience – TERESA GOES TO THE MOVIES: The World’s End
I’ve pimped Teresa on here before.  Today, I’m double pimping because I also love all things Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg/Nick Frost.

The Pintester – Chorizo Kale Soup
The Pintester tests pins from Pinterest.  I’m not sure how she came up with the name of her blog, but I don’t judge.  In this post, she tests a soup recipe.  She doesn’t always have the proper ingredients or remember to follow directions, but this one went pretty smoothly.  Even so, it’s still funny.  She also offers some very important info for men who cook with habenero peppers.

Crafts For Assholes – In which we try something a little different
All this time, I thought my parents were just kinda trashy.  Turns out, they were home decor visionaries.

Well, that’s it for this post.  Hope you enjoyed the Sunday Reading List!