Random Saturdays – Fight Night

A few years back, Erica’s husband, Richard, started watching MMA fights.  They started hosting Fight Night at their apartment, and a few of us would get together to eat, drink, chat, and watch the fights.  Over time, Erica became a big fan of Lyoto Machida.  At first, it was a combination of his name (Your cheetah?  No, my cheetah!) and the fact that he was always so polite and gracious no matter the outcome of the fight.  Eventually, she grew to love his dimples and possibly other things nice scarves.  When Machida was slated for a fight a couple of weeks back, Erica saw it as a perfect opportunity to welcome Ben to the family and add another member to her personal Machida Fanclub.  Plus, it was the start of a two-week long celebration of Erica’s birthday.  What could be better than nachos and Machida for Erica’s birthday?!

The fights started at 2 pm on a Saturday, but Machida wouldn’t be fighting until much later.  One of Erica’s old work friends, Doug, was there too.  The only kid present was Eva, Erica’s daughter, who is a toddler.  Erica and I have also been talking about trying drinks from Pinterest since we discovered the site.  After looking it over, we decided to stick to champagne and fruit juice, you know, to class the place up and junk.

The day of the fight, everyone gathered at Erica and Richard’s house to start shoving nachos down our gullets.  At some point in the evening, Erica and I decided that we wanted tiny bottles of liquor.  We had grown accustomed to these in the year before Eva was born.  In fact, the last birthday Erica had before getting pregnant ended with a bucket of tiny empty liquor bottles and me laying on the floor calling out for her cat because I just wanted to snuggle up with a kitty and go to sleep.  That was the one and only time that I have ever been that drunk, and I see no reason for it happening ever again.  Moving on…

As my boyfriend, Ben was also my designated driver.  He took Erica and me up the street for our tiny bottles of liquor.  They had fancy rums and vodkas that tasted like strawberry sundaes and cake.  Erica also partook in the tiny bottles of whiskey. (Blech!)  We got back to the house, only to realize that we didn’t actually have anything to drink with the liquor.  So, Ben kindly took us to a convenience store for Sprite, Coke, and a last-minute request from me for candy.

At this point, nobody was drunk.  Erica and I were a little tipsy, but sober enough to know not to drive or try doing our taxes.  An hour or two later, we were both drunk.  (We were also the only ones drunk, so Eva still had 3 mostly responsible adults looking after her until she went to bed an hour later.  It is very important that anyone reading this understand that Erica and I would never get drunk with Eva if it were only the three of us.  Also, we didn’t intend to get that drunk, but the Eva bit is more important.)  Also of note, I am a very nice drunk.  I love everyone when I’m drunk.  Everyone is my friend and I want to tell everyone exactly why he or she is my friend.  As soon as I’m done with that, I want to go to sleep.  Immediately.  I’m not sure if it’s because I didn’t have whiskey or because I continued eating nachos throughout the day, but I became my normal I-Love-You/Menopausal drunk self while Erica…well…yeah.

I learned some important things that night, though.

  1. I’m glad that I’m an I-Love-You/Menopausal drunk.
  2. As much as I like chocolate, I’m always disappointed when it’s in liquor form.
  3. Ben and I eat our candy bars in the same, exact, weird way.

All in all, I had alot of fun.  I can’t say the same for the toilet, though:

Also, Machida won the fight.

Machida won his fight, but the toilet lost.


Random Saturdays – Eventful August

Back in January, Cathy did a tarot reading for me for the year.  August was the 3 of Cups – Celebrating with Friends.  August started out pretty roughly, so I wasn’t sure, but now, I think the card completely fits.

  • 12 Day Meditation Challenge – After I got so bummed out the first week, I decided not to do the guided meditations.  Meditating on each day’s lesson was better.  The third week, I was busy, so I slacked off completely.  I still did my normal meditation before bed, but I didn’t pay much attention to the daily lessons.  I’ve kept all of the emails from the challenge so that I can still look back at the daily lessons as I see fit.
  • Amanda and I were able to take a few of the same days off this month.  I’ll write more on that in a different post, but it was fun.  We decided that one of the things we should do is try to get drunk.  We never get drunk.  We always have to drive home and go to work or wake up early to run errands or we don’t wanna risk headaches or blah blah blah.  Between the two of us, we had half a bottle of Malibu rum and half a bottle of some kind of good amaretto whose name I don’t remember while watching Bad Santa (I had never seen it.  Everyone says it’s funny, and it was, but it made me sad.)  By the end of the movie, we weren’t drunk, just sleepy and hot.  It was cold in the apartment, but we were burning up.  We set out to get drunk, but went through peri-menopause instead.
  • RQ School – We had our first session of RQ School this month.  Cathy, Lomo, and I were the only ones able to make it this time, but we recorded it and put it online. (I’ll be posting that later, but if you’re real smart, you can figure out how to see it now.)  I forgot that we were recording this for public consumption, and even though I only expect nobody else to watch it, I said some potentially offensive, but funny, things.  Once we stopped recording, I said some really offensive, but much funnier things.  That was actually the best part, the chat afterwards.  Doncha just love goofing around with your friends?
  • Paris – I decided to go to Paris with Cathy for Christmas.  She was going to go to Ghana with her boyfriend to see his sister, who is in the Peace Corps.  Cathy and Matt broke up this year, though, so Cathy decided to continue saving for a trip, but not to Ghana.  She settled on a Rick Steves tour of Paris.  I have always wanted to go to France, but mostly the south of France.  I have had alot of run-ins with snooty Francophiles who turned me off on Paris.  Even though I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower and such, I didn’t want to deal with d-bags like that, or worse, be mistaken for one of Those People.  However, I realize that this is a stupid reason to avoid Paris.  Aussi, c’est trés amusant practiquer mon français a Paris!  I will have to put part of this trip (mostly airfare) on my credit card, but after lots of number crunching, and advice from friends, I decided to go anyway.  In 2005, I began planning a trip to Italy with the RQ Babes, but have yet to go.  I always put off fun for the sake of responsibility.  I’m willing to deal with a little credit card debt for the sake of renewing my spirit by visiting Paris with one of my best friends.  Besides, think of all the money I’ll save on therapy and antidepressants!
  • Root Canal – I went for my first cap fitting (of three) this month, and ended up needing a root canal.  Two hours later, the dentist told me that my canals were too small, which makes cleaning difficult.  So, I had to come back a few days later to finish the root canal and cap fitting.  That was not fun on any level at all.  Friggin’ teeth.

Despite my meditation fail and my small canals, August has, indeed, lived up to the promise of being the month that I celebrate with friends.  Who knew?

Diet Soda Mixed With Alcohol Could Lead To Higher BAC, Study Finds

Diet Soda Mixed With Alcohol Could Lead To Higher BAC, Study Finds

What I’m getting from this is that regular soda + alcohol is healthy.  Admittedly, I might have just skimmed the article, but I’m still adding this to my list of reasons for not drinking diet sodas.