Random Saturdays – Best Laid Blogging Plans

So, I had this great idea to do a weekly post on all the planning of all the events (not just marriage related) coming in the first half of this year.  I was going to give funny or useful or dumb synopses of advice I had read or was given.  There were going to be planning sites and photos and comical stories.  I’m lazy and busy, though, so none of that happened.

Work is killing my soul.  It’s killing Ben’s too.  It’s terrible.  Neither of us like working for the company, but it still has certain perks (401K matching, flexible work from home schedule) that we need right now, even if neither of us knows if we’ll be handed a pink slip on any given day.

We were trying to buy a house and our first loan guy at Quicken Loans was great, but the second guy was not.  We got another guy who was great, and then got stuck with the lame duck again.  We requested another person and got a great woman working on our loan again.  We were basically being passed around Quicken from person to person.  We did most of the work.  I’m not quite sure what our realtor or the seller’s realtor did other than send us documents to sign, often the same documents to resign multiple times because they told us to sign in the wrong place or forgot to update things like, oh, the value of the house before having us sign the documents.  I don’t think I’d recommend anyone use any of the people used unless you really want to do most of the work yourself just to get the deal to go through in about a month’s time.

Minecraft’s birthday party was even cancelled because of rain.  All around us, people are getting laid off from work, being diagnosed with cancer, getting divorced, and a slew of other problems.

There are good things still happening, though, and we’re trying to remember that.  I have a great team of people at work.  Ben’s boss fought to save his job so far.  We got to celebrate a couple of good friends getting married.  We got married ourselves.  We were able to plan some last minute fun stuff to celebrate Minecraft’s birthday.  We now own a house that’s perfect for us, and I think we have made a lifelong friend out of the seller of the house.  Most importantly, we have a wonderful group of friends and family who are very loving and supportive of us.

Still, I know that when man plans, god laughs.  So, I’m not too surprised that nothing has gone exactly according to plan.  However, I do believe that life happens the way it needs to happen when it needs to happen.  That, of course, has continued to be true over the past few months.  For that, I’m extremely grateful.  I even found a bakery that has a red velvet cake that I like and a red velvet cake recipe that I like.  This was thanks to Minecraft’s birthday cake stencil not making it here in time, which coincided with him telling me that his favorite cake is red velvet (my least favorite cake).  So, I made an old fashioned red velvet cake, that was only tweaked slightly.  Our current big tasks are planning the reception (which is in the future as of the writing of this, but is in the past as of the posting of this), working on moving out of the old house and into the new house, and trying to keep it all in perspective as a busy but blissful life.

Way to start off Spring 2015!


Random Saturdays – Amanda’s Birthday 2014

Amanda and I haven’t actually had a chance to celebrate  our birthdays together this year.  When we do, I’m sure we’ll make stupid jokes that I can record on this blog for posterity’s sake.  Until then, here’s a peek at one of the birthday cards I sent her.

Artist's rendering of true events

Artist’s rendering of true events

Random Saturdays – Birthday Post

My birthday was a few weeks ago.  I’m always torn on my birthday.  The natural planner in me wants to plan a party, but the weirdo in me wants to sleep in the bottom of a dark closet until the day has passed so that I don’t have to think about my lack of accomplishments in life.  Mostly, I try not to make a big deal about it and focus on cake and ice cream.

Ben and his friend wanted to coordinate a weekend to take all the kids on vacation somewhere.  This year, my birthday fell on the one weekend where both sets of adults would have both sets of kids and had no other obligations.  We went to Houston to visit the Space Center and the Downtown Aquarium.  It was fun, but very exhausting because of the heat.  Half of the aquarium is outside.  So, I spent most of the trip to the aquarium in the darkest, quietest (read:  not really dark or quiet at all) corners, waiting for migraine pills to work.  Between walking from the parking lot, waiting in line for tickets, and waiting in line for the kids to ride outdoor rides, the heat got the better of me and I had to be the party pooper.  Nobody else got sick, though, so that was good.

While in Houston, Olga texted me.  Her mom was visiting her in New York.

Birthday Coke

Birthday Coke

The folks at work waited for the week after my birthday to throw a little birthday shindig for me.  After seeing this prime Nailed It example, Carla made an Ariel cake for me that actually nailed it.

Ariel Cake

Ariel Cake

 All in all, it was a pretty good birthday and I appreciated all of the efforts that everyone made to make me feel special.

Amanda’s Birthday

I bet you wish you had paid as much attention to writing and art in the 2nd grade as I did.

I bet you wish you had paid as much attention to handwriting and art in the 2nd grade as I did.

Hope she doesn’t see this post before I see her, but either way, it’s a Buddy Momma birthday today.  One day, we’re gonna make our own greeting cards so that everyone can share in the joy and wonder with which we spruce up store-bought cards.  The quotes and art are based on actual events.  No spoons were harmed in the making of this greeting card.  Happy Birthday, Buddy Amanda!