Planning – Week of 5.7.18

Ready for another planning post? Cool, because that’s what this post is about! The second week of May is another week with multiple birthdays and a holiday. Needless to say, I’m leaving plenty of space to fill in as needed.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use any washi this week, but I knew I wanted lots of stickers. So, I just gathered all of my stickers and washi just to see where the wind would take me.

My eye immediately went to a colorful strip of paper that I cut out of a magazine months ago. So, I decided to use that as the color inspiration for the rest of the week. I cut the strip of paper to fit it across the bottom of the right page to add a little oomph since the basic layout was pretty bare.

Some sticky notes were already on the pages to remind me of events. Instead of removing the notes and writing the info directly onto the pages, I left the sticky notes where they were. The colors matched this week’s theme and I am also lazy. I added some pretty washi and everything started coming together.

***I’ve noticed that when I crop my photos, they become blurry. I’m not sure why, but it’s not the camera because I’ve tried multiple cameras. I’ve also edited in multiple apps. If you have any suggestions, let me know so that I can post better pictures!***

Then, it was time for stickers. I wanted to denote Mother’s Day in a big way, so I used a couple of Mommy Lhey die cuts of flowers and a character named Lola to set that day apart from others. I decided to add some stickies and notes for lists and include stickers for writing notes about my in-office work days this week. A few other stickers to pretty up my To Dos and the stickery was done!

Normally, I end with a Before The Pen pic, but I wanted to show you why I like so much space in my planner. After adding daily To Dos, recording my work times to enter in my work time card later, writing my daily health notes, and anything else that comes up, my planner is full!

Now, planning this week is done and I have to go out and live this week. Sometimes, that’s the not so fun part of planning. As much as I like drawing clouds and suns, this week is going to be hot and I already have a headache. I may need to add extra cute stickers to cover up the weather and health info and keep me thinking about happy things this week!

Do you plan holidays with special stickers? Do you record health or other info on a daily basis to analyze later? Anybody else hate the heat (i.e. anything above 70 degrees)?

Random Saturdays – Pokemon Birthday

When I told my dad that Lego wanted a Pokemon birthday party, he said, “The only problem with that is you gotta catch ’em all.”  I didn’t even know Pokemon still existed!  Amanda’s little sister loved them when she was about 6, but she’s in her 20s now.  Apparently, kids still love Pokemon, even though they’re harder to find and cost more.

Since we now own our lovely home, I we decided that a birthday party would be the perfect butt-kicker motivation to get unpacked.  We’ve been working really hard and making alot of progress, but the boxes seem to be multiplying.  Still, thanks to the beauty that is Pinterest, I got a lot of great ideas for Lego’s birthday party and I’m hoping he’ll have fun.

One thing Pinterest couldn’t help with is the whole broken home thing.  Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that Lego’s bio-mom moved as far away as legally possible.  The kids had alot of trouble adjusting to the move, the new house, the new school, making new friends, leaving their dad, etc.  They’re finally settling into things, which is great, but school functions, holidays, and birthdays are still a bit weird.  The kids have one birthday party with their bio-mom and one birthday party with us.  I asked Lego if he wanted to invite any friends from school, if he thought anyone might be willing to drive out that far for the party.  The school also has a rule that you cannot bring invitations to school unless you invite everyone in the class.  We’re fine with inviting Lego’s entire class over, but we didn’t want him to feel bad if nobody in the class wanted to come since it’s so far away.

Also, Minecraft is in football this year.  He has a game on Saturday, which would be the normal day that we’d have a birthday party.  So, we talked it over with the kiddos and they decided that we would go to Minecraft’s football game on Saturday, we’d do a family outing Saturday afternoon, we’d have Lego’s birthday party on Sunday afternoon, and Lego would invite two kids who live in his bio-mom’s neighborhood to the party.

It made me sad that it had to be so complicated, but it makes me grateful that our kids are so mature and considerate of each other that Lego didn’t want to overshadow Minecraft’s football game and Minecraft didn’t want to overshadow Lego’s birthday party.  Lego didn’t make a big deal out of who would or wouldn’t be at his birthday party either.  He was just excited to see what I’d do with the cake, decorations, and games and he’s looking forward to seeing any family and friends that do show up.  It warmed my heart and made me feel like a big ol’ Jigglypuff!

Random Saturdays – Spring Chicken

Recently, Amanda and I went to Sonic for half-priced shakes.  Since both of our birthdays are in the summer, Amanda and I have been talking alot about birthdays and aging.  The conversation that night started because I mentioned that I was trying to convince a coworker to bring me baked goods for my birthday.  He asked how old I would be, and I said 32.  I called myself a Spring Chicken, but he disagreed.  He wouldn’t even let me have Summer Duck.  Rude.

At any rate, Amanda and I started talking about where we were at different points in our lives and where we thought we’d be by now.  As with most people, none of the plans we had for ourselves have worked out the way we had hoped.  Even so, things have worked out even better than planned.  Life has a way of working out for the best if you will just get the hell out of the way and let it.

Sometimes, The Universe holds up a mirror to focus your attention on a certain aspect of your life that needs fixing.  The Universe has to hold up a mirror, binoculars, and a magnifying glass in order to get my attention.  For example, this time ten years ago, I was preparing to move to Iceland. I moved 4,000 miles and I still couldn’t get away from my problems.  So, I started thinking about things.  I mean, really thinking about things.  Here’s the short version of my thought process:
“Oh, so the problem might be me?  So, it’s all my fault?  Wait, but doesn’t that also mean that I can fix it?  Well pluck my tail feathers and call me Baldy!”

A few years later, The Universe held up a mirror, binoculars, and a magnifying glass to Amanda.  She didn’t move to Iceland, but she had moved in with her boyfriend (who was about 20 years older than her) and his kids (who were pretty close to us in age and still lived at home).  My boyfriend in Iceland was a year younger than me (11 months, whatever).  Rather than grown kids and an ex-wife, it was parents, siblings, cousins, etc. who helped me learn my lessons about life, family, and relationships.  Amanda and I took many years and completely different paths to come to the very same place in our understandings of ourselves and our places within The Universe, including our trip to Sonic for half-priced shakes.

Here are the quotes that made us laugh so hard that night that we randomly repeat them to make each other laugh:

Amanda — If we’re gonna be like 45 or 50 when we start having kids and the men are gonna be 70, then they’re gonna be mad when we die.

Angela — Old men don’t realize they’re supposed to be grateful for anything.
Amanda — Philosophy in the Honda.  “Spring Chicken seeks grateful old man.”  Shit, I thought that’s what it was gonna be like.  I got sideswiped.

A week later, Amanda said that she told her ex (they’re still friends) about the Spring Chicken ad that she was going to put in the paper.  He didn’t think it was funny at all, which we think is hilarious.  Here’s hoping that none of the Spring Chickens reading this get sideswiped by angry 70-year-old men!