Random Saturdays – Concert Edition: New Kids on the Block 2013

Every time the New Kids on the Block come to town, my RQ Babe, Heather, flies in to see them with me, Vi, and Tabetha.  Vi, Tabetha, and I are part of a gang that we started in High School called The Triangles.  Our goal as a gang was mostly to make fun of actual gangs .  I don’t really know why none of us were ever shot, but when we came upon The Triangle Rock laying in the middle of the street, we took it as a sign from The Universe that our gang was meant to be.

The Triangle Rock - Bow before it's prowess!

Physical proof that The Triangles rock

As it turns out, The Triangles and the RQ Babes intersect Venn diagram style when it comes to our love of the New Kids.  When the New Kids started touring again in 2008, Heather didn’t get to see them because none of her friends in Bakersfield had any interest.  Now, she flies to Dallas every time the New Kids come to town and we celebrate.  Tabetha went to Houston the week that the New Kids were in Dallas, but her husband agreed to go to the Houston show with her.  That’s true love, right there.


Heather and I planned to head to the concert after dinner and Vi would meet us there.  Vi had class and would be arriving to the concert late.  The concert started at 7:30 pm and the roster was 98°, Boyz II Men, and the New Kids on the Block.  We assumed that they would be performing in that order and weren’t even sure how the heck 98° got in on the show since they came around a good 15 years after the other two groups.  We all planned to miss 98° and arrive in time for Boyz II Men and the New Kids.

Heather and I got to the arena before 8 pm, only to hear “End of the Road” blaring from inside.  By the time we got to our seats, Boyz II Men were walking away and 98° immediately took to the stage.  I was not a happy camper.  Since when does Boyz II Men open for 98°???  I sat down in my seat to rest and pout.  After a few songs, Heather wanted to go get t-shirts.  On the way up the stairs, I stepped in spilled beer and thought, “I better be careful or I’ll slip on this concrete.”  The next minute, I slipped on a cement ramp and fell (twice) on my knee.  It hurt like a mo fo.  If you are not aware, mo fos hurt like a mug, so, it was pretty bad.

I wobbled around a bit, trying to walk off the pain.  We bought our shirts and returned to our seats.  Then, the girl behind me hit me in the head.  She put her hands on my shoulders and exclaimed, “Ah mah gah! I am soooooo sorry!”  She hit me in the head three more times during the last two 98° songs.  Every time I hear 98°, I feel like I’m getting beat in the head, and vice versa.  Thankfully, I never hear 98°, which is why they shouldn’t open for a band as big as Boyz II Men.


Vi finally showed up after 98° left the state.  I vented to her and Heather.  Then, the lights went out and Donnie Wahlberg asked me to promise to put my worries away and spend the next two hours enjoying myself.  Who am I to break my promise to Donnie Wahlberg?

The guys completely redid their show, and I think it was the best since the original reunion tour in 2008.  Donnie took his shirt off at one point.  After a few songs, he started to put it back on while Joey was talking and the crowd started booing.  Joey said, “He thought he was gonna pull a fast one on 15,000 people.  You better put that shirt back down!”


My favorite part of the show was actually a segment they did where the band came out to the center platform too.  They did an instrumental medley of hits (some theirs, some others’) starting from the 50s and working through the 80s.  When Joey started into “Faith” by George Michael, I nearly lost my mind.  When Jordan begain “Kiss” by Prince, I lost more than my mind.


By the end of the concert, I was on Cloud 9.  I had shaken my money maker like I was trying to make rent.  I had screamed my way to a sore throat.  All the dancing I did was probably good for my knee, keeping it from being still and stiff.  On the way to the car, a vendor was handing out Rold Gold Pretzels and Sabra hummus.

Vi — He must’ve known I was a cheap ass Asian and wanted free hummus.  He asked me if I wanted hummus, but he didn’t even ask Angela.  He just shoved the hummus into her boobs.
Me — When you stick your hand out in front of me, you’re either gonna get boob or gut.  He probably saw the size of my gut and knew that he didn’t have to ask if I wanted free food.
Vi — Heather, where’s your hummus?
Heather — He didn’t wanna give the White Girl no hummus!
Vi — You can eat Angela’s hummus tomorrow.  You know she ain’t got no real food anyway.  He just saved your life, kept you from starving!

Between spending time with great friends, getting free food, and spending two hours with the New Kids, I was a giddy fool.  I also danced so hard that I slept like a baby that night, something that rarely happens.  When the New Kids are in town, all is right in my world.  If you’re interested in seeing all my favorite photos from the concert, please visit my Flickr page.  NKOTB 4EVER!!!

Pimping Saturdays – Music Edition: Old 97’s “Big Brown Eyes”

I grew up in a very musical household and have a deep love and appreciation for music.  If I could pick my dream career, I’d travel the world playing piano and singing.  I can’t sing or play piano, though, so I have to settle for listening to Sara Bareilles.  If I had to choose between being blind or deaf (not a choice I ever want to make), I would choose to be blind.  I don’t know if I could ever deal with the depression that would come with realizing that I would never listen to music again.  Never hear the opening to “Daytripper” again?  I can’t even imagine how terrible that’d be.  Even though I already love music, certain things get me extra pumped up about it (i.e. concerts).  Since the Maroon 5 concert last week, I’ve been listening to Neon Trees on Spotify, which led me to subscribe to my friend, Sarah’s, Justin Timberlake playlist, which gave me withdrawls for The Lumineers album that I’ve listened to at least once a day since I bought it last month.  I listened to The Lumineers at work this week, which made me think about R.E.M. for some reason.  So I listened to them, which made me think about the Old 97’s, so I listened to them next.

I remember listening to the Old 97’s on The Adventure Club in the 90s. When I met Olga, she had tape recordings of Old 97’s CDs/tapes from her brother.  She even let me copy them from her.  That’s a true friend, folks!  I’m trying to get rid of my DVDs and CDs now (finally got rid of the last of my cassette tapes last year), but I haven’t been able to part with my Old 97’s CDs yet.  I have the songs on my computer, iPod, iPhone, and cloud drives, but I still can’t part with the  physical discs.  At this point, I should say that my favorite type of song is what I call a Happy Broken Heart song.  These are sad songs with upbeat tempos.  One of my favorite Old 97’s Happy Broken Heart songs is “Big Brown Eyes”.  Fans of the Old 97’s know this as a classic tune that was actually recorded on two different albums.  To me, the biggest difference between the two are the lines, “I’ve got issues, yeah / Like I miss you, yeah”.  I think Rhett Miller sounds more desperate on Wreck Your Life than he does on Too Far To Care, and I like the desperate version better.  [Insert joke here]  On that note, please enjoy this Happy Broken Heart song!