Random Saturdays – Concert Edition: New Kids on the Block 2013

Every time the New Kids on the Block come to town, my RQ Babe, Heather, flies in to see them with me, Vi, and Tabetha.  Vi, Tabetha, and I are part of a gang that we started in High School called The Triangles.  Our goal as a gang was mostly to make fun of actual gangs .  I don’t really know why none of us were ever shot, but when we came upon The Triangle Rock laying in the middle of the street, we took it as a sign from The Universe that our gang was meant to be.

The Triangle Rock - Bow before it's prowess!

Physical proof that The Triangles rock

As it turns out, The Triangles and the RQ Babes intersect Venn diagram style when it comes to our love of the New Kids.  When the New Kids started touring again in 2008, Heather didn’t get to see them because none of her friends in Bakersfield had any interest.  Now, she flies to Dallas every time the New Kids come to town and we celebrate.  Tabetha went to Houston the week that the New Kids were in Dallas, but her husband agreed to go to the Houston show with her.  That’s true love, right there.


Heather and I planned to head to the concert after dinner and Vi would meet us there.  Vi had class and would be arriving to the concert late.  The concert started at 7:30 pm and the roster was 98°, Boyz II Men, and the New Kids on the Block.  We assumed that they would be performing in that order and weren’t even sure how the heck 98° got in on the show since they came around a good 15 years after the other two groups.  We all planned to miss 98° and arrive in time for Boyz II Men and the New Kids.

Heather and I got to the arena before 8 pm, only to hear “End of the Road” blaring from inside.  By the time we got to our seats, Boyz II Men were walking away and 98° immediately took to the stage.  I was not a happy camper.  Since when does Boyz II Men open for 98°???  I sat down in my seat to rest and pout.  After a few songs, Heather wanted to go get t-shirts.  On the way up the stairs, I stepped in spilled beer and thought, “I better be careful or I’ll slip on this concrete.”  The next minute, I slipped on a cement ramp and fell (twice) on my knee.  It hurt like a mo fo.  If you are not aware, mo fos hurt like a mug, so, it was pretty bad.

I wobbled around a bit, trying to walk off the pain.  We bought our shirts and returned to our seats.  Then, the girl behind me hit me in the head.  She put her hands on my shoulders and exclaimed, “Ah mah gah! I am soooooo sorry!”  She hit me in the head three more times during the last two 98° songs.  Every time I hear 98°, I feel like I’m getting beat in the head, and vice versa.  Thankfully, I never hear 98°, which is why they shouldn’t open for a band as big as Boyz II Men.


Vi finally showed up after 98° left the state.  I vented to her and Heather.  Then, the lights went out and Donnie Wahlberg asked me to promise to put my worries away and spend the next two hours enjoying myself.  Who am I to break my promise to Donnie Wahlberg?

The guys completely redid their show, and I think it was the best since the original reunion tour in 2008.  Donnie took his shirt off at one point.  After a few songs, he started to put it back on while Joey was talking and the crowd started booing.  Joey said, “He thought he was gonna pull a fast one on 15,000 people.  You better put that shirt back down!”


My favorite part of the show was actually a segment they did where the band came out to the center platform too.  They did an instrumental medley of hits (some theirs, some others’) starting from the 50s and working through the 80s.  When Joey started into “Faith” by George Michael, I nearly lost my mind.  When Jordan begain “Kiss” by Prince, I lost more than my mind.


By the end of the concert, I was on Cloud 9.  I had shaken my money maker like I was trying to make rent.  I had screamed my way to a sore throat.  All the dancing I did was probably good for my knee, keeping it from being still and stiff.  On the way to the car, a vendor was handing out Rold Gold Pretzels and Sabra hummus.

Vi — He must’ve known I was a cheap ass Asian and wanted free hummus.  He asked me if I wanted hummus, but he didn’t even ask Angela.  He just shoved the hummus into her boobs.
Me — When you stick your hand out in front of me, you’re either gonna get boob or gut.  He probably saw the size of my gut and knew that he didn’t have to ask if I wanted free food.
Vi — Heather, where’s your hummus?
Heather — He didn’t wanna give the White Girl no hummus!
Vi — You can eat Angela’s hummus tomorrow.  You know she ain’t got no real food anyway.  He just saved your life, kept you from starving!

Between spending time with great friends, getting free food, and spending two hours with the New Kids, I was a giddy fool.  I also danced so hard that I slept like a baby that night, something that rarely happens.  When the New Kids are in town, all is right in my world.  If you’re interested in seeing all my favorite photos from the concert, please visit my Flickr page.  NKOTB 4EVER!!!

Random Saturdays — Heather’s Visit 2013

RQ Babe, Heather, came to visit me last week.  Wednesday night, we went to Studio Movie Grill to see Star Trek:  Into Darkness (again).  We wanted to see it less because of our nerd love for Star Trek (which exists) and more for our hormonal devotion to all the hot dudes in the movie.  I started referring to it as, “Hot Trek:  Into My Pants” and tweeted that we were at SMG watching “Hot Trek” just before we settled in for eye candy and pizza.

The next day, we decided to take advantage of free air conditioning by going to NorthPark Mall and checking out the end of season clearance sales.  The only part of “end of season clearance sales” I really care about is “clearance”.  By the end of Thursday, Heather had a new wardrobe at a great price and I had overpriced candy and discounted underwear.

That night, we met Amanda and Vi for dinner at Scalini’s.  The first question Vi asked me when she sat down was, “Did you watch porn last night?”  That made me wonder if my dad saw my tweet (or the automatic repost to Facebook) with my renaming of Star Trek.  So, I had wine.

We hadn’t seen Vi since the last time Heather visited me, two years ago, even though Vi only lives about 15 minutes away from me.  So,  there was plenty of catching up to do all around.  Vi was stressed out by her current advanced degree studies in genetics, and we encouraged her to switch to something she feels more suited to do.  Vi started asking Amanda about how her schooling is going, and Amanda said that she’s finally settled on a degree on sociology.

Vi — What do you want to do with that degree?
Amanda — Get into social work.
Vi — So is it just because you really wanna be a social worker or…?
Amanda — That and I want to make more money.
The Table — *crickets chirping*
Amanda — You can make money in social work once you get into management.  Like, I wanna eventually make, you know, $45 thousand.

Vi holding up my head because my neck collapsed under the weight of my big Irish head

Vi holding up my head because my neck collapsed under the weight of my big Irish head

The next day, Amanda and I took Heather to Legal Grounds before checking out Froggie’s and Betty Lou.  I don’t mind paying extra at small shops because I like to support small businesses and the local economy, but some things cost even less at these places than they do at giant chain stores.  Afterwards, we headed to the Perot Museum for a day of science and fun.  We ran into Gabriel, who was leaving work as we were arriving.  Amanda and I made dirty jokes about the dinosaur fossils, which is our favorite part of the museum.  After the museum, we walked across the street to El Fenix, which was probably the busiest I’ve ever seen it.  This gave us plenty of time to chat.

I told them about talking to a coworker before I left work on Wednesday to pick up Heather.  He was trying to explain something to me and asked, “Do you have something to draw on?”  I said, “Where’s your mini-whiteboard?!  Why do I spend dollar on you if you’re not even going to use the things I give you?”  This set off a series of jokes about “spend dollar” and Amanda’s $45 thousand.

Amanda told us about the day before she left her ex-boyfriend.  She cleaned so hard that a pimple on her head burst.  She put toilet paper on it in the style of men who cut themselves shaving, then forgot about it being there when she got mad at the other people in the house for being lazy slobs, toilet paper flapping away.  I talked about the time I walked to the store, bought a can of baked beans, walked home, and pulled a pan from the sink full of dirty dishes (thanks to others in the house even though we had just moved in that day.)  I washed the pan, poured in my beans, and cried into them as I listened to my ex-boyfriend talk and laugh heartily with his sister in the other room, even though he hadn’t spoken to me in two weeks.  I didn’t realize that he had already broken up with me for the second time in two weeks without telling me (he didn’t tell me the first time either.)  Amanda and I laughed so hard that we could barely breathe as we told our stories of woe.

Amanda serenading Heather at Scalini's

Amanda serenading Heather at Scalini’s

We also talked about how we liked Heather’s hair.
Me — Yeah, I always tell Heather that I like her highlights.  I usually think highlights look stupid, like they’re a mistake, but her highlights are always so pretty.
Amanda — I’ve been thinking about getting highlights.

Heather’s step-dad gave her money to take us out to dinner, and when Heather went to the bathroom, I tried to explain Heather’s family dynamic to Amanda.
Me — So, her real dad is in prison.  I mean, he’s not in prison.
Amanda — Then who’s in prison?
Me — Nobody

We wiped our tears of laughter away, paid our bill, and Amanda headed home as Heather and I walked to the American Airlines Center to see the New Kids.  Next week, I’ll tell you how the concert began with a broken heart and knee, but ended with giddy joy.

Pimp It Mondays – Debediah

Behold! Da Debediah!

Behold! Da Debediah!

Here and there, I’ve mentioned Debediah, so I think it’s time that I give a bit of history on him.  Debediah is a character that my friends and I developed on blustery fall evening over Thanksgiving leftovers and an uproariously hilarious game of Scattergories.  You know how it is, you’re all under the pressure of a timer, all words have to start with D, and you’re just trying to write something down.  It makes sense at the time, kinda, but as everyone takes turns saying his or her answers, you start to realize that your Timer Reasoning might not be the best.  For “biblical names”, most of us put names like Daniel and David, but Teresa wrote, “Debediah.”  She didn’t have to feel bad though, because for “things that you plug in”, Lauren wrote, “Dude”.  It was such a funny answer that we gave her full credit.  I might have put some very inappropriate answers down for many of the prompts, but I was honestly surprised that nobody else had those answers.  At any rate, through much laughter, happy tears, and cajoling, Teresa and I began to act like Debediah for the rest of the night…and the rest of the trip.

Debediah is an old Southern gentlemen.  We don’t have his specific history, but we have enough to make him funny.  He’s like a more interesting Colonel Sanders.  I like to think that he never owned a plantation because he was not so much a rich, landowning racist as he was a stylish bon vivant.  He may or may not have any money at all really, and may have just travelled the world through a combination of luck and kindness from strangers.  What we do know is that something timey wimey happened and he ended up in the present day.  Technology confuses him, but he doesn’t care enough one way or another to really be crotchety about it.  He may or may not like women because he’s a Southern Gentlemen (kinda like how Americans have a hard time figuring out if a man from England is gay or just British), but he does find modern female attire both appalling and tantalizing.  He also likes to dance, his signature dance being especially impressive.

Debediah has his own Facebook page, Google+ page, and a Twitter account.  Cathy drew his profile pic and I did the first comic for him.  Our next step was to record a Google hangout, but it’s been difficult getting everyone to schedule a time to be online together.  I was waiting to do the hangout before I did another comic, but I’m thinking now that I should just do a bi-weekly comic and we can tape our Google hangouts whenever they happen.

(Aside:  I just realized that I wrote “tape” as a verb rather than “record”, which is something that people did before the year 2000.  I was going to fix that, but since I’m talking about Debediah, I figured “tape” would be impressive to him.)