Random Saturdays – Dallas Road Trip Oh Thirteen, pt 1

It seems like Amanda and I are both able to get a few days of vacation at the same time every August.  And by “every August”, I mean “August 2012 and August 2013”.  Last year, we got the idea to take a week off of work to see all of the houses that Charles S. Dilbeck designed.  While on the road trip, we started seeing old Dallas High Schools that we’d never seen before.  So, we joked that our next road trip would be to see old Dallas High Schools.  This year, we kinda sorta did that, but mostly not.  We also read the Best of Big D magazine and made a list of places we’d like to check out some time.  So, it was more like a Stores, Restaurants, and Dallas High Schools Road Trip.

Of course, we started off with a trip to Legal Grounds, which was much more crowded on Sunday morning than it is around 11 am on a random weekday.  It was so crowded that we invited a couple standing near us to sit at our table.  They mentioned preparing to leave in the morning to spend a month in Paris.  Mind you, I had just decided on my Parisian Christmas trip two days earlier.  So, we chatted quite a bit about Paris and travelling in general.

After breakfast, Amanda and I visited Dougherty’s Pharmacy, a local toy store, and The North Haven Gardens.

Not sexist, but racist

When Amanda saw this, she said, “Not sexist, but racist.” Then we alternated laughing and saying, “Ugh, terrible,” as I tried to keep still enough to take a picture.

By the time we finished looking at plants, it was pretty hot outside and I felt like I was going to collapse within the hour.  Amanda didn’t feel like dragging my fat ass dead body around, So, we went to Vickery Park for Sunday brunch.  It ended up being one of our favorite restaurants of the road trip.  We had veggie omelettes and mimosas and enjoyed listening to bands like Alice in Chains (read:  bands that we recognize).  Parking in that area is terrible, so I stood in the middle of the street and motioned to Amanda when it was okay to back up into a break in traffic.  Then, I jumped into the car and we left.  It was pretty exciting.  Afterwards, we checked out some cool shops in the Knox-Henderson area that mostly played music that we didn’t recognize because it came out after 1995.  We ended the evening with dinner at Scalini’s in Lakewood.  Mmm…Scalini’s…wish I were there now…mmm…We were originally thinking that we might get out of the restaurant around sunset, but we were too late.

The next day, we got up “early” to go to IKEA for breakfast, browsing, and shopping.  I tell you what, IKEA on a Monday morning is much more pleasant than IKEA on a Saturday afternoon.  Amanda had been shopping around for bar stools and I had been looking for affordable duvet covers because I’m a cheap broad.  When we were done, the heat had set in on Dallas, so we headed to the dollar movies to see Iron Man 3 again.  After two hours of Robert Downey, Jr., I was feeling like the world was a pretty good place.

Then, I got to my car.  I had bought a candle at IKEA, forgot about it, and left it laying in the sunshiniest spot of the back seat of the car.  So, it melted all over the backseat.  I busted out my collection of paper napkins that I keep in the console of the car and started blotting away.  I think that I actually cleaned all of the wax and scented oil.  I keep checking to see if there is melted/cooled oil or wax on the seat, but haven’t noticed anything yet.  My car doesn’t smell like vanilla anymore either, so I think it’s okay.  At any rate, after the movies, we headed to Rosa’s Cafe in Wylie.  I had never been, but Amanda has a whole story about it.  If you’ve ever been to Panchos or Casa Bonita, it’s like that but a little nicer.  If you’ve never been to either of those, don’t worry because you’re not missing much.

Once I had a belly full of tortillas, I wasn’t as worried about the melted candle in my car.  Amanda and I headed over to Firewheel Mall for dessert, specifically, the Nestle Toll House Cafe for ice cream cookie sandwiches.  I had mentioned the desserts to Amanda before (come to think of it, it was the night we went to see Iron Man 3 at the AMC at Firewheel Mall.  How’s that for full circle mo fos?!)  Between the cheese enchiladas and the ice cream, I was so sick and miserable, but also fat, dumb, and very happy.  We walked across the street to Barnes & Noble to hang out for a bit, and ended up sitting down with our backs to books about pop culture and video games while facing books about religion, spirituality, astrology, and love.  (I’m pretty sure that’s not how the Dewey Decimal System is organized, but whatever.)  Then this teenager dude walked up.

Comic - David 1
Comic - David 2
Comic - David 3
After that, Amanda and I laughed for a good 15 minutes.  Then, we left and drove around for a bit before heading to our respective homes to rest up for the final day of our Road Trip.  We thought that we might be able to see the sunset that day, but we missed it again.